17 strange fashion ideas of the past you will agree is totally stupid

Strange fashion ideas from the past are good lessons in many ways for modern fashion designers. The first lesson is that people will do everything possible to show their place in society. They wear high platform shoes for fashion and style, and do not worry about breaking their neck when tying or tying the crotch as best as possible. Secondly, the more exaggerated, the better the fashion sense. From overly quilted sleeves to exquisitely embroidered pieces, a true fashion freak always believed that the bigger the better.

And the ideas and fashion trends of the past were not only crazy, but also dangerous. The dye used in the fabric could be toxic arsenic or the huge crinoline was easily flammable. And even if a person's clothes themselves are not the dangers themselves, most of the strange fashion ideas of the past actually affect their ability to move comfortably. For example, those who used the bride were not in a position to move their arms. Similarly, men who are proud of their use of crackers have found it difficult to walk. And the wide owners used by women could not pass through the narrow gate.

In any case, regardless of whether these fashion ideas are fatal or purely foolish, we can at least appreciate how these ideas have been left in history. See the stupidest fashion trends of the past. We go!

Lotus shoes

These shoes were usually worn by Chinese girls with bandages on their feet. In China, a small foot is considered more beautiful, so a painful process of breaking the foot to make a small foot was carried out. The feet are often bandaged and growth is not allowed, which later broke bones and bent fingers. The whole process lasted about three years, so the feet of the rest of the life became smaller for the rest of the life.

Bandaged women wore these lotus shoes, which looked like lotus buds in the form of pods or cones. Usually made of silk cotton, these shoes often had embroidery, including patterns, animals and flowers.

Tried to ban this painful way of bandaging the feet, but in the end there was no result until the ruler banned it in 1912.

Arsenic dress

In Victorian times, bottled green clothing is probably the most expensive dress. The enormous price behind was due to the unique green shades achieved using a large amount of non-subset dyes. The effect was obviously bad. Many women suffered from vision problems, skin reactions and nausea due to dyes. But the only good thing is that the dress is very expensive, so it is actually only used in special cases, reducing the exposure to this deadly factor.

The real damage occurred to the manufacturer who died to make a fashionable dress for the wealthy class.

Hard starch necklace

In the 19th century, the detachable necklace was fatal with anger. They starved until they became flexible and merged with a pair of pushpins. On the other hand, Carla was a ring that made it easy for anyone to choke, especially when a person fell asleep or fell asleep!

Pointed necklaces have also been added to this problem. Once a Lewis resident bought, he accidentally got a sharp, sharp necklace around his neck and two deep cuts. In fact, the necklace was so deadly that it was nicknamed. "Murder Father"!


The word Panier (shipowner Taken from French words (in Spanish) "Panier"What does that mean "basket" It was anger from the early 17th century until the end of the 18th century. Looking like a boxed petticoat, this dress has begun a trend to widen the skirt-like dress and is designed to move away from both waists. These dresses vary in shape and size, but are mainly made of wood, metal or sometimes reeds. In general, the size of the owners varies from case to case, so in larger cases a larger shipowner was needed. Since it was not a cheap outfit, only the rich could afford, and the bells had to wear small rings. Apparently the owners were so big that two women could not cross the aisle at the same time! The dress was not exactly comfortable, because it severely limited the overall movement of the body.

Slowly but constantly, the greatness of this dress began to mock in all areas. Most magazines have published articles about how women have fully adapted to this fashion trend. "Hidden chairs on both sides of the waist to the waist", Verses of the best magazines.


Knowing each other by the name poulaine, Crackows was an extremely popular shoe throughout Europe in the late 14th century. This long shoe was named in a place called Krakow in Poland. The crackers were sometimes up to 24 inches long, but when I saw someone wear those shoes on the coat, the shoes were furious! But these were in demand, indicating the social status of people. Also, the longer the crakow, the higher the user's location.

Sometimes a chain was used to tie the tip of the shoe to the knee, making it easier to walk. In other cases, the fingers of these long shoes were filled with different types of materials. But despite the anger of the aristocracy, Church leaders and Conservatives did not approve this and even called it. "Demon's Finger"!


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