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12 years of burning badly by viral friends & # 39; Fire Challenge & # 39; • Hollywood unlock

Burned badly for 12 years by friends at Virus & # 39; Fire Challenge & # 39;

Due to a viral internet problem, I sent another child to the hospital. The latest incident happened to a 12-year-old Michigan boy. According to the report, he was badly burned when his friends burned as part of the so-called "fire challenge".

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In conversation with WDIV-TVVictim's mother Tabata Clear Lee Said the son of Dearborn Heights Jason After a friend burned him on Saturday, trying to confuse social media trends on YouTube, he was hospitalized for 4 days with a second degree burn on his chin, chest and belly.

"I want to know that not everyone has these challenges or everything they see on YouTube is worth your life," Cleary told the station. “My son [second-degree burns]Which might have been worse ”

Cleary admitted that his son was willing to participate in the challenge. Participants used a flammable liquid to set fire before each other. Cleary heard a son in Dearborn Heights's nearby friend's house still scream and set fire outside the house of another family.

Cleary went on to say, “We ran out, and then my friend Bryce was riding a bike without wearing a shirt. “And I immediately began to be surprised. 'Take him to the hospital! Take him to the hospital! & # 39; ”

Jason Cleary said of the nail polish remover: “My father finally opened the door and said,“ Let's go to the hospital. ”I was in the back seat and I was still suffering a lot.”

Jason expects a complete recovery. According to New York PostThe police are still investigating the incident and after child workers visited the family's home,

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