11 new Houston restaurants to visit this weekend, and what to order there

A variety of new restaurants have been created over the past few months, providing Houston with a variety of venues from fall to casual. (See the full list above.)

Among them are the following main contents:

The success of Katy Asia Town at L & L Hawaiian Barbecue, a Hawaii-based fast food chain, is in a new location at 209 Heights. The menu offers everything from classic chicken katsu to Hawaiian influenced hamburger "Moko Rocco", served with gravy and eggs and served with rice instead of sandwiched between breads. Burger Friday: Cherry Block by Bravery Chef Hall

If you missed Montrose Boulevard & # 39; s Danton & # 39; s, it will be moved to a new location in 1985 Welch and is now served by Eugene's Gulf Coast cuisine. Some of Houston's best gumbos are on the menu, with a variety of dishes inspired by Cajun.

Rosalie Italian Soul, a famous Italian restaurant by San Francisco's famous chef Chris Cosentino, made his debut at 400 Dallas Street C. Baldwin Hotel. The menu features classic Italian dishes and oven-fired pizzas. “This is representative of American immigration cuisine,” Cosentino said. “When Italians immigrated to the United States, it was difficult to buy the same products they had at home in Italy. That's why Italian American food is made. Originality has occurred. I am eating a lot of food from this little Italian region known as Houston and breathing a little new life. ”

Heights has a new destination for on-tap margaritas. Campe Cana And Fajitas: Studewood Cantine, Los Cucos of 1111 Studewood was previously operated. Your standard, satisfactory Tex-Mex rates are on the menu along with some special drinks like thorny pear margaritas. seperately Paris night And there is another interesting aspect of the restaurant: the rooftop area, which is twice the salsa music dance floor.


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