Zardari slams ‘tyrannical forces of state against political opposition’ – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The leader and former president of the Popular Party of Pakistan (PPP), Asif Ali Zardari, "condemned the unleashing of the tyrannical forces of the state against the political opposition" in the country.

"Tyranny, oppression and injustice have never succeeded, nor will it succeed in this case," said the former president in his message sent from the Adiala prison and released by the party's media office on the eve of Yaum-ul- Ashura on Monday.

In his message, Mr. Zardari also asked people to overcome parishism and forge unity among their ranks against all tyrannical forces. "The need for this has never been as great as it is today," he said.

"The underlying message of Yaum-ul-Ashura is to resist falsehood, tyranny and oppression at all costs, at all times and under any circumstances," said Zardari, who has been in jail with his sister Faryal Talpur in pretrial detention For the past. two months in relation to the case of false bank accounts.

Mr. Zardari in his message also paid tribute to the people of Kashmir, controlled by India. "On this day, our thoughts are also with the people of Kashmir and Palestine in India facing unprecedented ruthless repression and tyranny," he said.

Meanwhile, in his message about Ashura, PPP President Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said that falsehood and oppression were tools of militants and extremists who used false notions of religiosity.

"People should be attentive to the designs of such fans and fans," said Bhutto-Zardari.

"The permanent lesson of the last sacrifice made by Imam Hussain and his companions is to resist oppression, tyranny and falsehood even at the expense of one's life and under the most difficult circumstances," said the president of the PPP, adding that the Imam Hussain belongs to That rare category of humanity that redefined the meanings of life and death, of the victor and vanquished and his life is a beacon to resist tyranny and falsehood.

This year's Yaum-ul-Ashura, he said, was significant due to the new wave of repression and tyranny against the people of Kashmir, controlled by India, as well as Palestine in particular and in many other parts of the world in general.

Posted in Dawn, September 10, 2019



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