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And so it begins. Or rather, it resumes.

About two years after Misbah, the captain, the leader, the straggler hung up his boots, he is back, and this time, bigger and stronger than ever. His height was such that no one was going to question him anyway, but with the double role of coach and selection, say goodbye to any dissent.

Misbah's road or road will be, even if he insists otherwise.

Like the man in the highest office, Misbah is a highly polarizing figure; Either you love him with all your heart or you hate him with passion. There is no middle ground.

I will go clean and admit that I have never been a fan of what Misbah became the cricketer. And that puts it lightly, in fact, very lightly.

Not many would remember that Misbah, at the beginning of his career, looked like a really exciting talent, a glimpse of what happened in 2002 when he hit the powerful Shane Warne for three six in Kenya in a partially faded ODI.

He could not break the dominance of Inzamamul Haq, Mohammad Yousuf in the middle order in the early 2000s, and remained in the peripheries until he finally became a regular member of the team years later.

But Misbah's second coming saw him become much more moderate. Perhaps, circumstances dictated his new style, but too sober and cautious, of that there is no doubt, and that is how I do not like my cricketers, especially the captains.

Ramiz Raja summed up his captaincy style perfectly, saying that Misbah besieges his opponent while waiting for an ambush. He attacks only when the enemy makes a mistake.

Shoaib Akhtar was also right when he said that Misbah's style may have produced some success, but it is not the Pakistani brand of cricket. From Abdul Hafeez Kardar to the now prime minister and anyone else who came before, between and after, no one made a strategy like Misbah. He was an anomaly.

Win or lose, all the captains of Pakistan who are not called Misbah seized the game by the neck. Misbah put an arm around the enemy's shoulder and gently drowned him to subdue him.

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Having said everything you don't want about this one born in Mianwali, your weakness is also your strength when the formats are reversed. I'm going to play the same string because the argument justifies it.

Misbah is the most successful captain that Pakistan has produced. Under his command, Pakistan became the best ranked test team in the world. And guess what? The team now occupies seventh place in the world. In fact, of the three formats, Pakistan's ranking is the worst in the five-day format. The teams below them are from the West Indies and Bangladesh and Afghanistan, hard formidable sides in the format.

With Pakistan ranking the lowest in Tests, the next ODI World Cup four years away, and the team is already the best ranked team in T20I, it is clear which format deserves our greatest attention for the coming years.

The two-year inaugural World Championship has also just begun, and with Misbah at the helm, like it or not, Pakistan has the greatest chance of doing something meaningful.

He can be tuk-tuk, but tuk-tuk It is exactly the need of the hour. And there is no better man for that cricket brand than Misbah.



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