Why is Chandrayaan 3 trending on Twitter? – Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date

Chandra Yaan 3 Release Date

ISRO was proud of all the Indians with Chandrayaan 2, and ISRO supported ISRO in every possible way on social media and supported them in every possible way when they missed the moon landing with very thin margins with Chandrayaan 2. . Because Indians give up this little hiccup by ISRO and they don't want to continue working on Chandrayaan 3. According to Wikipedia, Chandrayaan 3 “Crayrayaan-3 is a robotic space mission concept from the Indian Space Institute. Japan Space Agency JAXA to send lunar probes and landers to explore the moon's Antarctic in 2024. ”

When does Chandrayaan 3 begin

According to Wikipedia, it will say 2024 and wait for official confirmation by ISRO.

We hope ISRO will consider the same work and expect a press release soon. Some of the inspiring tweets about Chandrayaan 3 are:


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