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Who is Ynés Mexía ? Google Doodle for Today September 15, 2019 Unknown Facts

Ynés Mexía google doodle Unknown Facts

Our doodle today is Ynss Mexía in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Who is Ynés Mexía? Ynés Mexía is an American-Mexico botanist who studied everything from distant volcanoes to poisonous berries. She is also an explorer who discovered 150,000 herbariums.

Latino Natural History says, “Innes Mexico's life is the best example of finding someone who is never late. Her name was Ynes Enriquetta Julietta Mexia. Mexico did not start collecting samples until they were fifties, and they did not live long after that. But she continued to contribute to the field of botany and the world. According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, she "helped to clarify and complete the plant record," she said in an external report, "one of the great plant collectors of the early 20th century."

Ynés Mexía Unknown Facts

Ynés Mexía is traveling to Mexico for the first time looking for & # 39; rare plant species & # 39; She was 55 years old and joined a local Sierra club. According to Google, it was a tough journey to fracture her hands and ribs, but she brought 50 newly discovered 500 specimens.

Ynés Mexía was the daughter of a Mexican diplomat – Mexía was born in 1870 in Washington, D.C., as the “Mexican diplomat daughter”. She was a California social worker before switching to botany. She became an American citizen in 1924.

According to Latino natural history, the first husband of Ynés Mexía died, and the second marriage ended in divorce, moving to California "after the nerves collapsed", but she did not give up and became a famous botanist over 50. .

Ynés Mexía later began to study botany. By the time Mexía was in California and in her fifties, she decided to change her love for nature to vocation and start studying botany. She was 51 years old, and Latino Natural History pointed out that when Mexia was first fascinated by botany, "University of California-a special student at Berkeley".

The working life of Ynés Mexía Mexía and she had a significant impact on the botany world. "Ninety years after it started, scientists are currently studying samples of Mexía, which are kept in several major institutions around the world." .

Ynés Mexía died at the age of 67, collecting specimens for about 13 years. According to Latino Natural History, she died of lung cancer. In just 13 years, we collected more than 8,800 numbers or 145,000 samples. This includes two new genera, Mexianthus Robinson (Asteraceae) and Spulula Mains (Pucciniaceae).

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