Who is Petara Cordero? Girlfriend of Cleveland Browns’ Chris Smith, Died at Age of 26

Petara Cordero chris smith girlfriend died

This is shocking news for all fans of Cleveland Browns who died today, September 11, 2019, when Chris Smith's girlfriend Petara Cordero died. She is 26 years old and died two weeks after giving birth to the first child of the couple. Petara Cordero is from Charlotte, North Carolina, turning 26 years old in July 2019.

According to the Baby Registry, the deadline was August 17, but their daughter was born on August 27, 2019. Petara Cordero and Chris Smith named their daughter Haven Harris Smith. The couple posted a gender public event video on March 23, 2019. On September 11, 2019, dozens of tributes to Cordero appeared on Facebook. Her brother delivered sad news via a Facebook post with sad heart.
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I love you beautiful you won't miss this forever. I can't believe I got that call. I can't believe I'm writing this. Rest in heaven, baby, love you! This shit hurts so much !!!!

Another tribute of a close friend

R.I.P Petara Cordero 🕊❤️. The memories we made will never disappear, the laughter we laughed will never be forgotten, and the memories we create will be precious forever. Knowing that you were a special person and you disappeared hurts my soul. I'm not an emotional person, but I will cry for you. Please pray not only for your family but also for this boyfriend and your newborn daughter. I love you PT.

Another close aide of the couple posted a tribute on Facebook.

Beautiful soul, Petara Cordero. I can't believe I'm watching this, my heart hurts. Your amazing smile, your sweet soul, and the SW Wild Wing family that laughs at us all will never forget. I just pray for your family and that sweet daughter you have. You can't wrap this hair. Gone too soon High babygirl flying

Petara Cordero's last Instagram photo is with her boyfriend Chris Smith. Here's the caption, "It's forever. I love you through everything," Cordero said lovingly about Smith in his Instagram post on his birthday. “I have always prayed to God for true happiness and unconditional love, and I love many families and friends who mean the world to me while I wait for my 26th birthday, my beautiful daughter Heaven, to arrive. Thank God. ”


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