Who is NFL Player Terrell Roberts who was shot dead at Richmond, California

Terrell Roberts died

Former player Terrell Roberts, who played for Cincinnati Bengals, was shot in Richmond, California, and delivered shocking news to former NFL fans. The news was confirmed by CBS San Francisco according to his family.

Who is Terrell Roberts and how did he die?

  • Roberts was a defender who played in Cincinnati Bengal in the mid-2000s.
  • According to the CBS report, Roberts was at his grandmother's house when he was shot dead in the backyard.
  • His family told CBS that he "did not mix in bad things" and had a heart of gold. Suspect not named. It was not a motive.
  • The television station reported that “someone entered their residence” in the Fascination Circle.
  • The news of the shooting death occurred late in the evening of September 11, 2019.
  • Terrell Roberts was born in California and entered Oregon State University.
  • Terrell Roberts played 23 games in Bengal. In 2005, Bengal gave up reporting that Roberts had a knee injury.
  • Terrell Roberts is 38 years old and plays 3 seasons
  • He is a graduate of El Cerrito High School.
  • He was named by PrepStar Magazine as the best defense of the West in 6th place in preseason publishing.
  • Terrell Roberts was the favorite of Dion Sanders, who once talked with twin brothers.
  • His brother's name is Claudell Roberts
  • Terrel Roberts was a good fit for professional football.
  • Terrel Roberts was once portrayed as a player with great power, posting an impressive weightlifting mark with 455 on the back squat, 395 on the bench press and 264 on the power clean.

At TheNewsCrunch we offer condolences to Terrel's family and friends.

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