We need to take care of our kids. All of them matter: Nadia Jamil

LAHORE: Teenage girls and boys are often sexually abused. But all of us simply regard it as a bystander.

After three trivial boys were killed in the Punjab Kashur region, which was raped on Tuesday, the famous actor Nadia Jamil expressed his despair on the matter and demanded a definition of a terrible event.

Jamil urges all countries in South Asia to focus on eliminating child abuse and prostitution.

From recent tweets Bay hard The actress asked Prime Minister Lim Ran Khan to take serious steps: “I have worked with children who have been sexually abused for more than 20 years and throughout Kasur and Punjab. I have killed a baby less than six months old. ”

Activists, known to speak out on a variety of social issues, say some laws are not suitable to solve this widespread problem, and say, “We need to come up with a strategy that every child in the country can place in a database. Watched by a reliable system with checks and balances. ”

Jamil shared India's child rape case and said it was essential to protect our children: “It's not just Pakistan. Sadly it is a local issue. We need to take care of the children Everything is important. ”

Eight-year-old kidnappings, rape, and brutal murders have shaken the country and started mass demonstrations of police inactivity in Qasur and other cities around the country.

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