We changed the batting order because of the big chase – Shakib

The Bangladeshi ticket gates fell on Sunday, allowing Afghanistan players a historic victory every minute. At the end of the fourth day of the match, they found four turnstiles in Chattogram's famous victory.

But in all this delight and excitement there was one mysterious question about the heart of the wicket Afsar Zazai. Where was Soumya Sarkar, who opened in the first inning, and why did he not appear in one of his usual top positions?

"I asked one of their batters if Soumya Sarkar was injured. He refused and I asked why he didn't come as a batter. But he didn't give me the answer," Zazai said.

Indeed, Soumya was sent up to eight times to accommodate three right-handed hitters for the top four. The main goal of Bangladesh was to stop the Mohammad butterfly. Nabi was considered the first major threat, and Bangladesh saw his first order of 10 overovers without losing his ticket gate due to credit.

But with all the attention to Nabi, they were exposed to the opposite wrist wrist, with the authentic bowler Zahir Khan at the left end removing Liton Das and Mosaddek Hossain shortly after the tea break. Liton went wrong with Mosaddek taking a long and ambitious inside out shot as he returned to the delivery unit that popped out of his pad. Rashid Khan defeated Mushfiqur Rahim, and the right third batter ordered Nabi.

With three right-handed hitters, Bangladesh's batter no longer remained, and by the time Ramin was locked in lbw by Momin, the host's plan to stop Nabi was counterproductive.

Captain Shakib Al Hasan initially tried to send a right hand like Liton and Mosaddek to start typing, but other people on the team said that he was talking to him.

Shakib said, "I've changed the batting order because I'm chasing 400." "If we were chasing 200, we wouldn't have changed the order of hits. We only made 200 in the first inning at the same turnstile. We plan to do something good. Otherwise, the plan seems wrong."

"Their first threat was the Faceballer and Nabi at the other end. The Faceballer attempts to hit the ball economically with a 4-5 over, and try to make the ball a little longer. Nabi's mission is to get one or two breakthroughs. Was. " It was successful because I got a ticket gate on the first order.

"But we didn't get the big innings we expected in one of the top four. If only the decision was my decision, Mosaddek and Liton would have started hitting. But after discussing with everyone at the team meeting, our hitting lineup started "

Shakib No. Mosaddek. It is said that sending to 3 is not denying Nabi, but because he has set the number one record three hundred, two hundred and fifty times.

"To be honest, he seemed to be the most comfortable of all our batters for the spin at the first batter (Mosa Deck)." Based on experience, I planned to start ordering.

"If you want to chase 400 or 500, you need a big inning. At the same time, Nabi is more effective than left-handed. So we wanted a left-right combination. The bat was good but we couldn't fire the shot. If he hit the ground, he would play four rounds. If he had been longer, things would have changed. "

Batman's incomplete shots aside, Bangladesh was also scarcely lost and even Zazai surprised by a pitch very favorable for the rotor.

Zazai said, “We thought they would build a flat ball gate. “I played with Bangladesh A a month and a half ago and the turnstile was flat. We thought it would be the same here. I was surprised to see the grass shrinking at the turnstile. And we thought we could win at this turnstile.” Two days later To return. "


Source Link : http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/1200032.html?CMP=OTC-RSS


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