Wahab Riaz takes ‘indefinite break’ from red-ball cricket – Sport

Fast bowler Wahab Riaz announced Thursday that he retired from the Quaid-i-Azam Trophy and decided to take an indefinite break from the red ball cricket.

"After reviewing the performances of my last years in red ball cricket and the next limited-limitations cricket, I have decided to take a first-class cricket free time," Riaz said in a statement issued by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) like saying

"During this period, I would like to focus on the cricket of more than 50 and more than 20, and continue [assess] My fitness for the longest version of the game. At one stage, I feel that I can not only return, but also act with the red ball, it would be available. "

Riaz said the PCB had been trying to convince him to continue his career with the red ball, but that he had transmitted to the board his decision not to do so. "I am grateful for your understanding and support," he added.

The bowler also went to Twitter to make the announcement, writing: "After thinking and discussing a lot with my family and the board, I decided to take a break from the red ball cricket and maintain my physical condition and focus on the format shorter for my country. "

"It was a difficult decision and I appreciate the support and guidance of my board during this time," he added.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1504815/wahab-riaz-takes-indefinite-break-from-red-ball-cricket


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