UK court sentences man to 4 years in jail for posting anti-Muslim content online – World

A court in the United Kingdom sentenced a man to four years in prison for sharing photos of himself holding a shotgun and spreading anti-Muslim messages online, BBC reported.

Jay Davison of Cardiff, thirty-nine, published the "extremely offensive" messages in August 2018, he told a Cardiff Crown Court on Monday. He had urged people to "stand up" in posts on Instagram and Whatsapp.

A jury found him guilty of provoking religious hatred and two charges of provoking racial hatred. However, the same defendant was acquitted of two other charges of agitating religious hatred in a trial last month.

Judging Davison, Judge Tracey-Lloyd Clarke said: "The way and the way you behaved reveals something of your inner thoughts and so that you then take a picture with a firearm makes this matter so serious that only an immediate prison sentence is appropriate. "

Jenny Hopkins of the Crown Processing Service added: "This is a warning to people that posting material online can have detrimental consequences for them."

During the trial, prosecutor Jennifer Josephs said the charges were "extremely offensive."

"The images showed him the bare chest holding a shotgun. Then he left comments under those images. He was using language that you normally associate with white supremacists."

Davison denied the charges during the trial and said the photos were taken at a friend's house after a night of drinking, that he had no racist opinions and that he did not intend to incite racial hatred.

"It was a terrible trial in my name and I shouldn't have published it," he said. "I was stupid drunk. When I'm sober, I'm a completely different person."

Hashim Salman, the defense attorney, said: "Although it was not immediately eliminated, the time it took for Davison to achieve meaning and for those senses to prevail and eliminate the material was short … He is disgusted and ashamed of himself." .



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