Trump signals possibility of meeting with Iran as security hawk Bolton exits – World

Two of Donald Trump's main lieutenants said Tuesday that he is ready to meet with his Iranian counterpart without preconditions after the US president. UU. He dismissed his national security adviser, while insisting that the pressure on Tehran will not diminish.

Even when the removal of the national security hardline John Bolton caused speculation that Trump could soften his approach to Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joined Israel in the allegation of "possible undeclared nuclear activities" by Tehran, and the administration of the United States imposed new terrorist designations on the leaders of some groups linked to the Islamic Republic.

Amid the political climate, Trump loyalists said he is prepared to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, something that French President Emmanuel Macron had proposed in an effort to save a 2015 nuclear agreement with Tehran from which Trump withdrew States United.

"Now the president has made it clear that he is happy to have a meeting without preconditions, but we are maintaining the campaign of maximum pressure," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a few days after Iran announced that it had turned on centrifuges to Increase your enriched uranium. stock

Pompeo, along with Mnuchin in the White House, said "sure" when asked if Trump could meet with Rouhani later this month at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The comments came only 90 minutes after Trump announced that he had sent Bolton to pack, and Pompeo and Mnuchin warned that Bolton's departure should not be considered as an announcement of major policy changes.

"I would say that Secretary Pompeo and I and the president are fully aligned in our maximum pressure campaign," said Mnuchin.

Tehran reacted quickly to Bolton's departure, with an assistant from Rouhani saying he pointed out that Washington's pressure was failing.

"The marginalization of Bolton and its subsequent removal is not an accident but a clear sign of the defeat of the US maximum pressure strategy" against Iran, tweeted Hesameddin Ashena.

"Do not doubt that we have the power to manage the US approach to Iran and we will never back down. Iran's blockade will be broken."

Is it getting soft?

If Tehran sees optimism in the expulsion of Bolton, some aggressive lawmakers in the United States warned that relieving pressure on Iran would be a big mistake, allowing Europe, in the words of Senator Ted Cruz, "to send an economic lifeguard to Ayatollah."

Cruz tweeted that he hoped that Bolton's departure "does not mean that the forces of the deep states in the State and the Treasury, which have been struggling with nails and teeth to preserve Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran, have finally convinced the president of that softens against Iran. "

Meanwhile, the Trump administration announced new terrorist designations against leaders or operatives of organizations with close ties to Tehran, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Force of Iran, the Qods Corps and Hezbollah.

The United States also appointed group leaders within the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, and the Hamas operational arm.

"You know we have made more sanctions against Iran than anyone else, and it is working absolutely," Mnuchin said.

Tensions have increased between Iran and the United States since May last year, when Trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear agreement with Tehran and began imposing sanctions that have crippled the Iranian economy.

On Tuesday, Washington joined Israel accusing Iran of new hoaxes over its nuclear program, a measure that further strained Europe-led attempts to save a multinational agreement.

Iran denounced the allegations made Monday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said the clerical regime operated a previously undisclosed site intended to develop nuclear weapons, but destroyed it after it was detected.

Pompeo, without making direct reference to Netanyahu, urged Iran to comply with the UN nuclear control agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency.

"The lack of full cooperation of the Iranian regime with @iaeaorg raises questions about possible undeclared nuclear materials or activities," Pompeo tweeted.

"The world will not fall for it. We will deny the regime all the paths to a nuclear weapon."

A potential summit between Trump and the Iranian leadership aroused the interest of the tycoon turned president, but Netanyahu, who faces the elections next week and sees Iran as an existential threat, strongly opposes.

In a live television speech, Netanyahu showed images of an alleged site near Abadeh, south of Isfahan, where he said Iran conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu said Israel learned about the site during a bold raid on Tehran and that the regime demolished the site sometime between the end of June and the end of July after realizing that Israel was aware.



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