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Trump, Imran to meet on 23rd, talks to focus on Kashmir – Newspaper

Trump, Imran to meet on 23rd, talks to focus on Kashmir - Newspaper

WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Imran Khan is likely to meet with US President Donald Trump in New York on September 23, hours after arriving in the city for the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, diplomatic sources said. Dawn.

The sources said that this could be the first of the two meetings that the prime minister is expected to have with the US leader during the UN session. This would also be President Trump's second meeting with a South Asian leader in less than 24 hours.

President Trump is scheduled to address a joint rally with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston, Texas on September 22, hours before meeting with the Pakistani leader. President Trump and Modi are also expected to have a separate meeting before or after the rally, focusing on relations between India and Pakistan.

The prime minister is expected to arrive in New York on Sunday night, when Trump will address the joint concentration of the 50,000 American Indians in Houston. Like Khan, most world leaders will also arrive on Monday, starting the high-level discussions that will continue until September 29.

Pakistani and Indian prime ministers are scheduled to address the UN General Assembly on September 27. Modi will speak first, Friday morning, while Prime Minister Khan will speak later in the afternoon.

Prime Minister Khan has already announced that he will highlight Kashmir's problem in his speech, exposing the ethical and legal bankruptcy of India's decision of August 5 to annex the occupied valley.

Indian diplomats in New York and Washington informed Indian journalists that Prime Minister Modi will not talk about the August 5 action or its consequences. Instead, he would repeat New Delhi's claim that Pakistan can send militants to the valley to take advantage of the volatile situation.

Prime Minister Khan has already made it clear that Pakistan not only opposes all these activities, but has also increased its vigilance to prevent militants from taking advantage of the situation. Islamabad fears that India may use infiltrates to carry out violent attacks within Kashmir and blame Pakistan.

On Wednesday, the prime minister warned citizens not to join the fight in Kashmir, saying that the Indian authorities were waiting for "any excuse" to take strong action against residents in the Himalayan territory.

"If someone from Pakistan goes to India and thinks they will fight in Kashmir … the first person they will inflict cruelty on is cashmere." He will have acted as the enemy of the cashmere, ”Khan said during a speech in Torkham.

President Trump's recent comments on relations between Kashmir and India-Pakistan have sparked speculation about an indirect dialogue between the two neighbors in South Asia during the UNGA, with Washington in the role of facilitator.

Earlier this week, President Trump told reporters at an informational meeting in the White House that "much progress" has been made to calm tensions between India and Pakistan and his statement has strengthened these speculations.

Now that it has been confirmed that Trump will meet with the prime ministers of India and Pakistan before and during the UNGA, diplomatic observers in Washington say the possibility that he can use the meetings to discuss the situation in Kashmir is stronger than ever.

Posted on Dawn, September 20, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1506247/trump-imran-to-meet-on-23rd-talks-to-focus-on-kashmir



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