Trump adds TTP chief, 10 others on global terrorist list – World

A day before the anniversary of September 11, President Donald Trump issued an executive order Tuesday to expand the administration's ability to prosecute suspected terrorists and their financiers and supporters.

The list of 11 men the administration has described as "global terrorists" includes Noor Wali, also known as Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud, who was named leader of Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in June 2018 after the death of the former TTP leader Mullah Fazlullah.

"Today's executive order by President Trump adds more strength to US anti-terrorism efforts," said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during an information session for journalists at the White House.

He said Trump's action modifies an earlier executive order that former President George W. Bush initially signed after September 11 by adding clauses to allow state and treasury departments to directly target the leaders of suspected terrorist groups and their affiliates "without having to link terrorist leaders with specific acts".

Pompeo said the order also targets more effectively individuals and groups involved in terrorist training and provides new authorities to impose sanctions on foreign financial institutions that knowingly do business with suspected terrorists.

Eric Lorber, former senior advisor to the Treasury Department, said the new order is a "significant change."

"While most financial institutions would not have done business with designated terrorists even before this new authority, this action makes it clear that the United States Treasury is willing to take serious measures to punish the financial institutions that do so. "said Lorber.

Using the new order, the Treasury on Tuesday imposed sanctions on more than two dozen individuals and entities of 11 terrorist groups, including TTP, the Quds Force, the foreign wing of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran, Hamas, the Islamic State, al- Qaida and its affiliates. .


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