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Thomas Cook: ‘I put my uniform on and started to cry’

Thomas Cook: 'I put my uniform on and started to cry'

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Media captionsFormer Thomas Cook crew Steve Kearney said the situation seems "desperate."

Former Thomas Kearney spokesman, former Steve Kearney, said the failed travel agent would have trouble meeting the goal because he was not paid.

Mr. Kearney said on Friday he cried as he joined his former colleagues at Manchester Airport to meet with the Union and discuss how to recover unpaid wages.

"I started crying when I arrived at the airport in my uniform today. I have no place to go and come here in my uniform."

Thomas Cook collapsed on Monday after the last round of negotiations to save a 178-year-old vacation company.

According to the bankruptcy agency's latest figures, the UK's 6,000 Thomas Cook employees have been duplicated, with more than 3,000 employees currently maintained.

Keyney said last week he felt "like a bereavement."

“There was a job a day and there was no job the next day. The next day I had nothing.

Mr. Kearney received no information from Thomas Cook's executives, but he received "incense" through two videos shared online by the online staff and executives of the sister airline Condor, celebrating the 350 million euro bailout loan with the German government. Thomas Cook reimbursed.

“I thought it was incredibly insensitive when we knew what we were going through. There was no communication with them. [the Condor unit] I need help with anything. ”

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John Tunstall (center) was answered by one of Thomas Cook's former employees at Manchester Airport.

Thomas Cook engineer John Tunstall worked for the company for 25 years.

His wife was a crew member of the airline, and Tunstall says the family has no money to lose money.

"I will follow our overseas business to survive. Now the big worry is the bills and Christmas coming," he says.

Husband and wife Colin and Louis Griffith worked as a sailor at Thomas Cook and had four year old twins. The news that they will not pay next Monday is "destructive".

Griffith said, “We didn't know which direction to go. I made a huge sum on the money from our account on Tuesday.

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Colin and Louise Griffiths were cabin crews for Thomas Cook.

To pay for airport parking to attend union meetings, Griffith is using a cash float from his previous job on board.

Mrs. Griffiths said, "Just fell." “We went to the job center together, which is not where we thought we would go together.

"My career is over and that's all I know so far since I was 20. But I need to do something else to keep getting the money," she says.

next stage

Unite believes that all employees who have doubled will now be treated as money owed by ordinary creditors by the company's liquidator, so the union is demanding that the liquidator sell the wages to the liquidator as priority and pay the money reimbursed for the sale of the asset.

The meeting was held to provide former workers with information on how to assert redundancy from the government, inform them about job loss, and obtain compensation from the company for failing to consult.

A union spokesman said other people from Scotland, Bristol and Gatwick would attend the meeting in Manchester.



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