Thomas Cook holidaymakers and crew ‘can leave’ Cuba, says CAA

Sue Petrov

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Sue Petrow was going to fly home on Wednesday

According to civil aviation authorities, Thomas Cook vacation and crew are free to leave Cuba.

I said that with the help of the British ambassador, I could be repatriated back to my country.

Tourists said they could not leave the hotel until they paid an extra room.

Sue Petrow, a holiday defender who is going to be on vacation, said he can wait at the airport if he does not pay the bill at the hotel.

Thomas Cook's crew said they were effectively "hosted" by the hotel's security guards.

But Deirdre Hutton, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Administration, told the BBC today's program: "The ambassador was cleared overnight and the Cuban flight is starting again, which is very good news."

"It's also an example of how we work very closely with the Foreign Ministry."

"It's very painful for those who are having trouble with accommodation, but what we did was a matter of guarantee for a hotel with an English tourist protected by Atol," she added.

The British ambassador to Cuba said he was instructed to leave the hotel without paying extra fees.

Anthony Stokes Said on Twitter: "Thank you for the patience of all those in distress."

Sue Petrow said she and the other guests refused to pay any additional fees required by the hotel.

Vacationers like Sue may have paid for their rooms and meals in advance a few months ago, but hotels usually receive money from Thomas Cook a few weeks later.

According to the report, there is widespread concern about Cuba whether Atol, an industrial insurance fund that handles payments if the company fails, will cover the costs.

The fund deals with invoices that occurred after Thomas Cook collapsed on Monday morning.

But the bill is not processed at the hotel before Thomas Cook collapses. Affected hotel staff must apply for money from the liquidator.

Cost calculation

Dame Hutton said that CAA has issued payment guarantees for 3,000 hotels worldwide and has already begun its first payment. The CAA added that 200 employees are working with Thomas Cook employees.

"It's no surprise that I'm suspicious and angry about how Thomas Cook owed the hotel."

Thomas Cook owed a £ 338m hotel and one Mexican hotel owed £ 2.5m.

The bankruptcy agency sent a letter to the local tourism office to confirm that the hotel cooperates with the CAA on payments, Dame Hutton said.


On Monday, the CAA launched Britain's largest peacetime repatriation operation to bring more than 150,000 people back to Britain after the holiday company collapsed.

According to the CAA, more than 95 percent are back on the day of departure.

On Tuesday, 70 planes brought more than 14,000 passengers. 70 flights are scheduled on Wednesday, with 16,500 more coming.

The flight program will continue until October 6, when more than 1,000 flights are planned.

Richard Moriarty, chief executive officer of the CAA, said, “After a day or a while after the people who were staying on holidays booked their flights with the original Thomas Cook.

"Thanks for being patient with the holiday, as this remains a very complicated task and there can be some inconvenience and confusion."

How are customers protected?

Atol schemes apply for package leave.

  • You may need to move to another hotel or apartment, but this scheme pays for overseas accommodation.
  • If the airline is no longer operating, Atol will also pay for you to bring it home
  • If you book a holiday later, it will be refunded to the scheme.
  • If you have booked a flight-only transaction, you should apply for a refund by applying to your travel insurance company or credit and debit card provider.

What are your rights? See here for details.

CAA has set up a dedicated website for Thomas Cook customers to update with the latest advice and news.

Call center in operation Twitter feed with public message Respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call centers can be contacted at 0300-303-2800 in the UK and abroad at +44 1753-330330.


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