This trick can help you lose inches or 2 immediately

Is your longest crush the most awaited day when you asked for a date, and now do you always regret delaying your exercise plan? Or is your BFF trying to come up? And do you want to see the most popular guys?

Whenever you plan to exercise, you can not practice more than 3-4 days a week or up to a week. Most of us are not satisfied with our bodies and want to hit the gym and get rid of the extra pounds, but the busy bed schedule and laziness are not allowed with love for the extra bedtime.

After all, we want to dress up to kill. But sometimes we make the mistake of ruining the exterior when picking up clothes and accessories. But don't worry anymore. We've compiled some small dressing tricks and a list of wardrobe essentials that will help you a great deal in completing all your looks, whether it's an office, college, party, meeting, anniversaries or regular outings with friends. .

And whatever the situation-two things you should not leave home or leave the room (if you are partying at home) are your smile and confidence.

Vertical stripes

Stripes will never go out of fashion. They add fun elements to your looks and are ideal for any place or event. Pair striped pants with casual shoes or flat sandals to complete your diva look. Make sure there are no streaks at the top and bottom. And never go horizontal stripes. They make you look much plump than it really is.

Only one color

There are many advantages to wearing one color from head to toe. First, you do not have to worry that this color wants to go. Secondly, you will look elegant and at the same time do not seem to have put much effort in preparing yourself.


Every time we return from vacation, we take a shower with a compliment for how beautiful our skin is. Here is a little secret. Tanning not only makes us look healthy and rich, but can also look thinner if you show off in the right direction. For that matter, white, off-white, cream or light shades look darker. If you can't go on occasional vacation, use a convenient tan spray.


Black is the color everyone goes when we are not sure what to wear and can't take risks. It never fails, promises, but will never go wrong. Black things like small dresses, baggy t-shirts or jumpsuits are very cool or unbearably hot. This is one color that makes us look thinner, taller and prettier.

Online dress

Floral print A-line dresses are a favorite for summer days. They hide our fat legs and make our waist look smaller. You can also choose an A-line skirt if the dress is not suitable for you if you want to go. It is good to pair it with a white linen shirt.


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