Teemu Pukki: Norwich's Goalscoring Hero incorrectly proved his doubts

Teemu Pukki arrived at Carrow Road in a little fanfare in July 2018. Signed for free by the Danish side Brondby, he was little expected when playing for 29-year-old East Anglia. Pukki himself admits that Norwich is not his first choice, but the pair seems to be a perfect match and it has been a mutually beneficial relationship so far.

Scottish Overwhelming Order

In addition to his recent development in the Premier League, Pukki will be best known for his barren spells at Parkhead six years ago. The striker admitted that after scoring nine goals in Celtic's 37 appearances, Scottish football was much harder than imagined. By the end of his time in Glasgow, he was limited to playing on the bench himself and was able to complete in two minutes at SPL in 90 minutes.

Jonathon Walters believes Celtic & # 39; not suitable for Pukki, and Finn is trying to find a form in Neil Lennon. He also played five times in a team match in the UEFA Champions League but did not find a net.

Successful season of winning

After scoring 72 goals for Brondby, Pukki arrived in England with a good goal scoring format and ran almost immediately. Despite not registering in Canary on the opening day of the 2-2 draw with Birmingham, he ran sooner or later, achieving the goal of a 4-4 home team defeat against West Brom on August 11, 2018. Only 3 days later the Carabao Cup first round.

Pukki scored 29 goals in 43 appearances in the second leg, which helped Daniel Farke's side secure an unexpected promotion to the Premier League. Despite these impressive stats, Finn was unable to record a hat trick during the season and doubled only six times. But he was the epitome of consistency and never played more than 4 games without climbing the scorecard.
Adapt to Premier League Life

As excitement began to grow over the 2019-2020 Premier League season, there were a lot of questions about Norwich's ability to adapt to life at the top level, suggesting that some might need to be strengthened later on. Change style to avoid drop. But Daniel Farke adhered to his principles and seems to be paying dividends.

Despite the approval of a Scandinavian Zlatan Ibrahimovic colleague, some experts quickly rejected Pukki, suggesting that it may be difficult to adapt to the rigors of the highest flight. But they soon proved wrong. Former Schalke striker scored six times in his first five Premier League appearances, including a good hattrick for Newcastle and support for Chelsea's defeat. He scored and missed a good chance Expand his lead against Manchester City 3-2 victory.

At the time of writing, he sits behind both Sergio Aguero and Tommy Abraham on the Premier League goal chart, but in the game against the horizon in the game against Crystal Palace and the newcomer Aston Villa, he is confident he can continue to make productive spells. In front of the goal. As of September 19 The forward is 20/1, finishing with Betway as the season's top scorer., And at the same price as traditional performers like Marcus Rashford and Jamie Vardy.

His goal scoring wasn't limited to the Premier League, but Pukki achieved two goals in Finland in early September. He boasts an impressive record each in his last four appearances for his country.

The numbers behind Pukki's blister form

Finn did not have to change his play style to succeed in the best flight. Last season, he averaged 3.3 shots per game, and this figure remained fairly constant despite an apparent quality improvement. According to understat.com his xG figures are impressive, And at 2.69, there are only six players returning better numbers so far than Norwich strikers.

To date, a total of 17 shots have come from within the penalty area and all six of his goals have been looted in less than 12 yards. He is an instinctive finisher who can score goals with both feet and is the last third's threat.

There's still a long way to go, and many of the previously promoted have started to brighten the season before they suffered the post-Christian decline. Using the electric form Teemu Pukki, the canary is likely to experience even more surprises in the best flight of the year, and an experienced striker has certainly increased his reputation over the years. Norwich fans expect 29-year-olds to continue to ignore critics and fire Farke's men into Premier League safety, but it remains to be seen whether Finland International can continue to score fantastic goals throughout the season.

Source: timesoccer


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