Survivor Season 39 Contestants – Meet the two tribes Vokai and Lairo

Survivor season 39 vokai tribe

Survivor season 39 will be premiered at CBS today with two tribes Vokai and Lairo on September 25, 2019. This season is called Island Of The Idols, and the game consists of the legendary winners "Boston" Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine and does not compete and acts as a mentor to a group of 20 new players. Boston Rob and Sandra have played more than 200 survivors, and now they plan to share what they have learned with the new abandoned people. The player then tests the acquired skills and chases the title of a single survivor. 20 players divided into two tribes

Survivor Season 39 Bokai Tribe

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Janet Carbin – Janet is a professional lifeguard who works and lives in Palm Bay, Florida. She is the second-oldest abandoned player in the 59-year season. She is aggressive, enthusiastic and youthful. Tina Turner is her inspiration, went outside and made no excuses and made it big. She is afraid of Stephenie because she is exercising.
Lauren Beck – Lauren is a nanny from Glendale, California. She is 28 years old. She is bubbly, adaptable, and diligent. She has moved from Los Angeles to Los Angeles at the age of 17 and is making a stable life for herself. We all know that rent in Los Angeles is not a joke, and many have moved home, but have been able to kick it out. Patience is my middle name. Her step dad Charles is her inspiration. He has raised her since she was 10 months old, and everything that a girl can ask for. He always brings Starbucks whenever she asks. It is small. He is the best thing that ever happened to her and her family.
Kellee Kim – Kellee is an MBA student living in Philadelphia. She is 29 years old.
Molly Byman – Molly is a law student based in Durham, North Carolina. She is 27 years old.
Tommy Sheehan – Tommy is an elementary school teacher at Long Beach, New York. He is 26 years old.
Dan Spilo – Dan is a talent manager based in Los Angeles, California. He is 48 years old.
Jamal Shipman – Jamal is a 33 year old R.I Providence university administrator.
Jack Nichting – Jack is a graduate student from Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is 32 years old.
Jason Linden – Like fellow contender Karishma Patel, Jason is a personal injury lawyer. He is 32 years old and works in New York.
Noura Salman – Noura is an entrepreneur who works for 36-year-old North Potomac.

Survivor Season 39 Rai Tribe

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Ronnie Bardah – Ronnie is a 35 year old professional poker player from Boston, Massachusetts.
Karishma Patel – Karishma is a personal injury lawyer based in Houston. She is 37 years old.
Elizabeth Bay Zell – Elizabeth is an Olympic medalist who tries to test survivors with his physical skills. She grew up in Saunderstown, R.I. and is 26 years old.
Missy Byrd – Missy is an Air Force veteran based in Tacoma, Washington. She is 24 years old.
Elaine Stott – Elaine is a factory worker based in Rock Hold, Kentucky. She is 41.
Dean Kowalski – Dean is a New York-based technical salesperson, born in Westfield, New Jersey. He is 28 years old.
Tom Laidlaw – Tom is a former NHL player who has his hand on real estate television. He is a Canadian living in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the oldest abandoned man at age 60.
Vince Moua – Vince is an admissions counselor based in Palo Alto, California. He is 27 years old.
Aaron Meredith – Aaron is a gym owner living in R.I Warwick, 36 years old.
Chelsea Walker – Chelsea is a digital content creator based in Los Angeles. She is 26 years old.


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