Studying in Austria: universities, scholarships, requirements, costs

Few countries are as convinced to study abroad as Austria. Austria is in the heart of Europe with easy access to neighboring countries by air, street or rail. With a population of 7.7 million people, Austria is a very small country, but there is always something for everyone, no matter how grateful the dynamite alpine view is or whether the slopes towards the energy of urban communities are present.

Study in Austria

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The brilliance of Austria in such a small country University It is recognized all over the world. Many of these rank exceptionally in the global university rankings, ensuring the quality of education you choose to study there.

Regardless of whether you are departing from a country other than the EU, the cost is reasonable, cheaper than many of the rest of Europe and is about 1,500 EUR per year. individual University You can set an impressively higher rate, but there are many options in international academia.

Austrian public universities

The school is well organized in Austria University We offer a wide range of study programs and competitive academics. The following are Australian public universities for international study.

One. Vienna University of Technology

With an emphasis on engineering and formal science, the university is considered Austria's largest scientific professional research and most authoritative educational base. It has eight faculties, including architecture and planning, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and information technology, mathematics and geographic information, mechanical and industrial engineering, and physics.

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2. Innsbruck University

Many honored scholars and scientific state-of-the-art disclosures began at this facility. Located in Western Austria, this largest research and training foundation also offers a variety of programs. From Applied Economy, Computer Science, Astronomy, English and American Studies

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three. Sigmund Freud University

This is a university dedicated to psychotherapy science. It is the main school facility on earth where psychotherapy is educated at the undergraduate level.

Instructional strategies are linked through research exercises, hands-on practice, and academic exchanges between various psychotherapeutic schools, and even an intensive four-week program on the foundations of the psychotherapeutic hypothesis holds exercises for undergraduates and professionals around the world, respectively. The middle of the year. All projects are available in German and English.

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4. University of Applied Arts Vienna

The university sees itself as a testing laboratory for creative thinking. It offers something beyond a broad range of aesthetic strategies and abilities. It prepares scholars to build outstanding innovation and basic reflection on their work. The university brought in prominent experts such as Gustav Klimt, Jill Sander and Karl Lagerfeld.

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5. Loader Business School

Lauder Business School is one of the most famous business schools in Austria and consists of individuals studying, teaching or working in more than 40 countries. The study is conducted in English.

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6. Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

The university is an educational and research community on Vienna's renewable assets, integrating the fields of science, agriculture and society. It offers 15 departments and five research units, and currently there are about 12,500 studies in more than 100 countries.

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7. Modle University

Private universities that focus on social and monetary development, especially in the travel industry, new media data innovation, maintainability, business organizations and open administrative districts. The best part is that all test programs are fully English.

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Austrian University Rankings

QS World University Rankings is one of the most important and most referenced rankings. QS rankings rely heavily on academic reviews to gain information about the university's reputation.

Times Higher Education World University Rankings collects a wide range of measurements. Equal weight is given to the quality of education, research excellence, and research impact through references.

The world university academic ranking of Shanghai Jiao Tong University focuses on the yield and quality of research papers, for example, the number of papers distributed and referenced in scientific papers and the employees or graduates who won the Nobel Prize or Field Medal. It is estimated by the number of.

Here is the ranking of the best universities in Austria in 2019:

One. Vienna University

2. TU Bin

three. Innsbruck University

4. Graz University of Technology

5. Johannes Kepler University Linz

6. Graz University

7. Alpen Adriatic University Klagenfurt

8. Salzburg University

9. Graz Medical University

10. Innsbruck Medical School

Austria cost study

The money used in Austria is the euro (€).

The cost of education in Austria depends on one or more variables. One of these is where you are from and the other is whether you choose a public or private university. State-sponsored colleges charge less than private colleges. You should likewise hope to pay a higher education fee at an integrated science university.

If you are from an EU / EEA country, you do not have to pay for education as long as you complete the course for a specified period or within an additional two semesters allowed. If you have not completed the current course, you will have to pay a small fee for each semester you enroll. This is usually around € 363.36 per semester.

If you are from another country, you will have to pay for each semester. In an open organization, it is usually about 726.72 euros. Universal and must pay to both undergraduate organizations for EU / EEA faculties Enrollment The cost is usually around 18 euros per semester.

Another cost that world scholars need to know is medical insurance. If you are from an EU / EEA country and have an EHIC card, you can get medical care similar to Austrian residents without any medical benefits. If you are from other countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey, you do not need medical insurance.

However, you need to get an A3 structure from a national health insurance provider, in which case it can be traded for an Austrian medical service form. If you are from another country, you need to buy medical insurance for your stay in Austria or ensure that your current policy is legal through all your studies.

You may be applying for a grant or paying less for your research grant. If you are from EU / EEA countries (except Croatia) and Switzerland, there is less maintenance with limited restrictions.

Your organization may need to measure specific times each week. If you are from another country, you will need to apply for a worker's subsidy that has a substantive living assistance license. If you are from Croatia, you will also need to apply for a work grant. This condition is one of the progress in EU participation and will remain along this line by 2020.

Entry requirements for studying in Austria

To apply for study in Austria, you must send your application and required records to the university, the University of Integrated Sciences (Fachhochschule / UAS) or the UAS degree program. The application submitted to the Austrian agent specialist will be sent to the educational foundation.

One. Confirmation college application form (can be downloaded or submitted from the university landing page) Participants should refer to the program they wish to study and important personal data.

2. Confirmation of nationality with a photo or a copy of the authority's identification along with the actual travel document (If needed).

three. General university admission requirements (proven copy from international faculty):

  • Bachelor and Diploma Degree Studies: Selective School Departure Certificate
  • Master's Program: Bachelor or Similar Degree
  • PhD: Certificate, Master's or Proportional Degree

4. For some programs, evidence of German functionality is important and, if possible, should be integrated into the application report.

The outpatient record must be introduced with the first copy and be legal. If you find a dialect other than German, it must include an approved interpretation. Interpreters conducted abroad must likewise be legalized.

The College of Arts and UAS degree programs do not require regular college entrance credentials. Subsequent undergraduates must pass a placement exam or generate information about their professional skills. Data on the requirements can be accessed from the College of Arts, the College of Integrated Sciences, and the UAS Degree Program.

If all the requirements are likely to be met, the educational institution will send a confirmation notice or an invitation to take the elective exam at the place specified by the candidate. Understudies can be recognized if they are recognized as understudies or require a favorable assessment and take into account university education classes / college level courses. Ineligibility Program undergraduate students.

Last word

I would like to propose to deliberately choose a foundation that sponsors to become acquainted with the language through an international undergraduate program. Most of this course takes place about a month before school begins and you can quickly understand the basics of language and become more familiar with the lifestyle and society of your new residence.

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