Student dies after falling from university building in Islamabad – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A young woman died Thursday after falling from the fourth floor of a building at the University of Bahria, police and hospital staff said.

The deceased, Haleema Amin, 23, was a undergraduate student in her second semester at the University of Bahria, they said. He fell from the fourth floor of a new university block that has not yet been completed.

Hospital staff said Amin was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) in the afternoon by university staff, including a doctor. She was aware at that time, but they had suffered multiple fractures, including her spine, they said.

They said they kept her under observation and gave her treatment, but she died around 4:30 p.m. They added that her body was later taken out of the hospital by the same people who took her to Pims.

Margalla police said they learned about the incident when the woman was taken to the hospital. They said they were told that he fell out of the building while taking a selfie.

They said the university denied them access to the police to examine the scene of the incident. The police were told that the university would establish what had happened and report to the police later, and submit a report.

Police said the woman's family has not yet been approached for legal action, and that her body is not with the police or the hospital. They said legal action will be taken, including an autopsy, if a complaint is filed with the police.

Separately, a man died in a car accident on the highway.

Police said a man, identified as Noor Khan, was standing at a bus stop near Khanna when he was hit by a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle escaped and the victim was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Posted on Dawn, September 27, 2019



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