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I Always wear a baseball cap. I first got it when I was six or seven years old. All the children had It wasn't fashionable at the time, but now people wear hats and have nothing to do with sports.

I have been using the baseball cap brand New Era for 50 years, but in 1996 the World Series changed the game. I had a red down jacket the Yankees wrote in the script and wanted the Yankees hat to match. I called New Era, the official cap of Major League Baseball that players wear on the stadium to see if they could make me. I wanted a civil servant Official one. Up to that point, you could only get a hat of the kit color. In Major League Baseball, it's not about making different colors.

Spike Lee worked with New Era to design a new era baseball cap.

Spike Lee worked with New Era to design a new era baseball cap. Photo: Borko

The new era had to call George Steinbrenner, the owner of the late and great Yankees. He was a traditionalist. Did not know he would agree, but was looking forward to it! I did not know why, but he did. A new era was created and put into the world series. The rest is history.

I had no idea of ​​the effect it had, but when my friends saw me on television, they gave me ink saying, "Where did you get that hat?" Then all the teams wanted an alternate color, but they couldn't control it. Now all colors are available and do not have to be related to the original. In the past, they supported the team and wore their color. With this young generation, they will not necessarily go by the team, but by color. I want to match sneakers and everything else. It doesn't matter what team you want to play. I do not understand it. I'm not wearing a team I don't like no matter what color it is. Of course, people can do what they want, but I don't wear any logos, insignias, anything related to the team. No, I just won't

'Really, let's dress fashionable', Lee at the Bronx Yankee Stadium in 1998.

'Really, let's dress fashionable', Lee at the Bronx Yankee Stadium in 1998. Photo: sports news / sports news with getty images

I have not worn red for many years. I don't have any clothes to wear, I wear another New Era cap that I designed instead. In general, people wear clothes only by wearing clothes instead of saying, “Let's wear fashion.” The biggest thing for me is to wear colorful clothes and comfortable clothes. Without the Yankees [basketball team] New York Knicks always stuff me, but many of my clothes are orange and blue, nicks colors, I admit it.

Now almost anywhere in the world, the Yankees' N and Y are interlocked. People may not know much about baseball. Jay-Z is related to his line as follows: “I made the Yankees hat more famous than the Yankees.” Although he is proud of his wrapper, he is a Brooklyn brother. . It's also because I think it's New York City, the largest city on the planet.

Limited Edition Spike Lee x New Era Collaboration Released this month; neweracap.co.uk.



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