Sindh to award Rs100,000 for info on people choking sewers

The Sind government has 100,000 rupees for anyone who provides useful information that leads to the arrest of anti-social factors trying to thwart a recently launched campaign to clean up Karachi by choking sewers with stone and gunny bags on the roadside. Announced the prize.

SAD GANI Minister of Labor made a presentation during a press conference at the Sind General Assembly on Tuesday. He assured that the identity of those who provided this information would be kept confidential.

Gani said that the two WhatsApp numbers (0300-0074296 and 0300-0084296) were dedicated to sending photos and video clips, particularly revealing the stench's behavior to harm people's cleaning drive.

A spokesman for Sided Murad Ali Shah supported the idea of ​​winning a prize and said that those involved in such torts will perform their duties because they will not be forgiven of their crimes regardless of their organization or political affiliation. Added.

Gani previously held publicly the Mutmida Qaumi Movement (MQM), which smothers urban sewers, adding that the party usually does such actions to protest later in places such as sewer overflows.

He said that this practice for MQM dates back to later protests against such murders, just as they do targeted kills across the city.

The Minister said in this regard that the lawful application of the law to such mischievous acts is very clear, as local governments instruct local deputy members and municipalities to register FIRs and take other punitive measures. . For such an element.

He said the use of plots, stones and gunny bags to choke the city's sewer lines led to the failure of the Sind government's continued clean driving.

He added that local governments could not choke because roads that span thousands of kilometers and 400,000 manholes were incapable of maintaining surveillance on the roads.

He argued in the past that only MQM was involved in filling bags, duvets, pillows and rocks on drain lines, but this time other elements appeared to support the opposition.

He said the media and the citizens of the city should support local governments to identify factors associated with dumping waste and choking sewers with the intention of disrupting the cleanup campaign.

Gani said he stopped the vehicle in the West District to photograph the elements involved in dumping rubbish on roads where he had trashed the night before.

He added that CM is individually overseeing campaigns in the city, eliminating backlogs of urban waste in each region, and disposing of waste properly in landfills.

He also said that 18 members of the local cabinet were commissioned in other parts of the city to monitor ongoing cleanup campaigns. Central, western and Korangi areas are concentrated to remove urban waste balances, he added.

CM Shah said that at his request late Monday night, the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) gave him more time, so he could prepare an answer to the question raised to him on September 17. Block of -e-Iqbal -6.

He and members of his cabinet, Syed Nasir Shah, Ghani and Murtaza Wahab, visited the southeastern and Korangi areas to observe the progress of the ongoing driving to clean the city.

The CEO said that after the questionnaire was submitted to him, NAB summoned him on September 24. “I saw the questionnaire and I have some questions to answer in light of the Constitution,” he added to the NAB. You should give yourself some more time to answer all the questions correctly. He thanked the anti-graft watchers for accepting his request.


CM responded to the question by saying that the sweepers are the most important people and respectable. "They are cleaning up the trash we produce and we should respect their trash," he added. He announced that he would raise wages or provide additional benefits.

He talked about the land behind the aero club and said the lawsuit was going on. "I was told that the children used it as a playground before turning the land into a dump site."

He added that after lifting the garbage, he would restore it back to the playground and implement the court's decision. As another question, Shah said that some immoral factors tried to fail clean driving. "I'm not doing all this to gain credit but I'm trying to serve people and help local agencies and civic groups."

He said defeated spirit politicians could suffocate the sewers with sandbags and stones to drive them away, but all tactics are outdated and people can easily identify them.

The chief executive said that during the Clean My Karachi campaign three days, more than 26,000 tons of waste were lifted and transported to a temporary waste transfer station (GTS).


On the third day, CM began his visit in the South District to investigate the Zoo and Ranchore Line. He has been monitoring the cleaning of residential areas in Orange Lane, Garden West where people dump their trash over the years.

The locals gathered around and said that dumping fields made the land a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They said that the whole area was no longer tolerable when stinking and garbage heard.

CM instructed South DC to provide a litter cover. He also ordered the district administration to find owners to clean the land and prevent them from becoming GTS. Also ordered the development and installation of trash cans in the area. The people in the area thanked CM for his initiative and shouted slogans in his favor.




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