Sheikh Rashid temporarily banned from Lahore Press Club for ‘insulting’ journalist – Pakistan

The Lahore Press Club (LPC) announced on Thursday that it temporarily banned the Minister of Railways, Sheikh Rashid, from entering its facilities and also prevented journalists from providing coverage after he allegedly used "insulting" language to Geo TV & # 39; s Nasir, senior video journalist, suffering from cancer.

Last week, Rashid had visited the Benazir Bhutto hospital in Rawalpindi, where journalists asked him to help Nasir, who is receiving cancer treatment there. The minister would have responded: "For hostage, in ka ye hi ilaaj hai". (Stay here, this is your only treatment).

According to a press release issued today, "Sheikh Rashid [used] insulting and rude [remarks] for Nasir, who is a cancer patient and is fighting for his life. "

The press release added that LPC President Zulfiqar Ali Mehto, Vice President Nasira Atiq and other members of the governing body had "strongly condemned" Rashid's behavior and made the decision in response to a call issued by the National Press Club (NPC) to "show solidarity" with the sick journalist.

The statement also said that the minister will not be allowed to enter the LPC for a week, nor will he be provided media coverage.

The announcement comes two days after the APN announced that the Minister of Railways was temporarily banned from entering its facilities for the same reason. According to a press release, the decision was made after NPC president Shakeel Qarar met with Nasir, who is receiving cancer treatment at Benazir Bhutto Hospital in Rawalpindi.

Additional reports by Shakeel Qarar.



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