Sheikh Rashid barred from entering National Press Club over ‘insulting’ remarks for cancer patient – Pakistan

The National Press Club (NPC) in Islamabad on Tuesday imposed a temporary ban on the entry and coverage of Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid at its facilities after allegedly using "insulting" language for a journalist who is being treated for cancer.

The decision was made after the president of the NPC, Shakeel Qarar, met Geo TV Video journalist Nasir, who is receiving cancer treatment at Benazir Bhutto Hospital in Rawalpindi, said a press release issued by the press club.

He said Nasir had informed Qarar that during a recent visit to Rashid's hospital, a local journalist had directed the minister's attention to Nasir's disease. Given this, the railroad minister "pronounced insulting sentences that deeply hurt Nasir's feelings," the press release added.

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Therefore, it was decided to ban Rashid's coverage in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and their entry into the Islamabad NPC and the Rawalpindi Camp Office for a week, according to the statement.

While the NPC did not reveal Rashid's exact words, he condemned what he described as the minister's use of "insulting comments for a video journalist fighting in the battle for survival."

The press club appealed to journalists, video and graphic reporters to follow the ban and also asked press clubs across the country to ban Rashid from entering for seven days.



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