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Scholarships for Kenyan students seeking degree studies

Scholarships for Kenyan students are offered all over the world, including Kenya itself. Scholarships vary depending on the academic purpose, type, goal and amount of academic and postgraduate courses. Find out which scholarship is right for Kenyan students!

Scholarships for Kenyan Students

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  1. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Scholarship

Founded in 1968, the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation (JKF) Scholarship Program offers scholarships and mentoring to provide educational and transitional opportunities for children with vulnerable backgrounds in academically promising Kenyan orphans and public secondary schools. Scholarships cover tuition and uniforms according to the scholarship policy.

JKF works with the following organizations to provide programs to beneficiaries such as the Department of Education, the East African Charity Network, and the Nairobi Central Rotaract Club.

Applications are received annually from bright, academically disadvantaged students who meet the minimum eligibility criteria in all countries. Selection is made through a rigorous interview process by a panel of JKF staff, Ministry of Education officials, JKF alumni and elementary school principals. Home visits are carried out by JKF staff and care is taken to ensure that employees visit outside of their home countries for objectivity and fairness.

  1. Ministry of Education Kenya Scholarship

The Kenya Ministry of Education has partnered with other countries to support those in need of financial assistance, especially educational matters. The following are some of the government scholarships available to Kenyan students.

    • Egyptian Scholarships: 100 full scholarships awarded to African students. Scholarships include travel tickets with countries where students receive certificates, university dormitory accommodation, tuition fees, books, academic tools, drugs and allowances.
    • Algerian Government Scholarships: 105 scholarships for Kenyan students at the undergraduate level, majored in French (except perhaps Imamat's diplomats who teach in French). Training in the professional field is preceded by a year of preparation for learning French. Scholarships include tuition, accommodation, meals, college transportation, medical insurance and monthly allowances. One-way tickets are not included in the package.
    • Greek Scholarships: Scholarships offered for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Applicants for master's and doctoral programs must already be accepted by universities in Greece at the time of scholarship application.
    • Sultanate of Oman Scholarship Government: Two scholarships are offered to undergraduate-level Kenyan students. Scholarships include tuition fees, round trip tickets and RO 200 per student per month if the institution does not provide accommodation for the student. Scholarship holders can receive an RO of 140 per month if accommodation is provided to students. Scholarships can be used for research in engineering, management and information systems, language specialization and literature.
    • Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program: Scholarships from the Polish government are offered to prospective Kenyan students. Scholarships provide:
      • Free training as part of the second cycle of research programs in Poland and during the preparation process in Poland (tuition fee waived)
      • Monthly allowance of the Polish National Educational Institution to cover the cost of accommodation and living
      • Education offered in natural sciences, technical sciences, agriculture, forestry and veterinary sciences
      • Opportunity to learn Polish and learn Polish culture
      • Applicants choose higher education institutions and degree programs from the educational offerings of Polish public higher education institutions.
    • People's Republic of China Government Scholarships: A total of 30 scholarships are offered to Kenyan students for undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs.
  1. IUCEA-KDU Scholarship

The Inter-African University Council (IUCEA) is an East African Community (EAC) agency responsible for coordinating higher education and research and development in the community. IUCEA's mission is to encourage and develop mutually beneficial cooperation between member universities and between them and governments and other organizations (public and private).

IUCEA intends to obtain a bachelor's degree in Hotel Smart Computing by announcing an application for undergraduate scholarship application at Kyungdong University (KDU), a private higher education institution located in Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea. Management and Business Administration.

Up to 30 scholarships are offered each year for the next five years. The scholarship period is four years until the completion of the academic program, and the research results are satisfactory every year. Scholarships include:

    • Kyungdong University offers the following scholarships to each selected student:
      • USD 10,000 per year for up to 4 years
      • USD 1,600 per year
    • IUCEA offers:
      • Return ticket at the beginning and end of study every two years
      • USD 200 health insurance per year
    • The parent / guardian of the selected student will cover other living expenses estimated at US $ 200 per month.
  1. Orphans and Vulnerable Students (OVS) Scholarship Fund Kenyata University

Investing in Humanity through Orphans and Vulnerable Students (OVS) Scholarship Fund The University of Kenya has focused on individual social development and, accordingly, managed the OVS Scholarship Fund to establish a financial aid bureau for less privileged but unqualified people. . Pursue higher education at Kenyata University. This scholarship is awarded at the beginning of each school year.

The scholarship includes only the tuition fee, so it is called partial scholarship. Scholarships also encourage talent, so they are awarded to talented students in the field of sports and creative arts. Scholarships consist of:

    • 45 partial scholarships
    • 9 KU Foundation Full (100% Tuition) Scholarships
    • Five Part Sports Scholarship
    • Three Part Creative Art Scholarship
    • 21 ongoing student scholarships (25% tuition fee)
  1. Strathmore University Financial Assistance Plan

The Strathmore University Financial Assistance Office manages a number of financial assistance plans to assist the university in achieving its mission of providing comprehensive, quality education to poor and qualified students. There are various internal and external financial aid schemes in the form of scholarships, loans, scholarships, work studies, and exemptions. Eligibility criteria depend on the type of financial aid you are applying for.

    • scholarship
      • SU Merit and Need-based: Partial and full scholarships offered to students pursuing undergraduate, diploma and professional courses.
      • Sports: Scholarships for students talented in sports. The bonus is a percentage of the tuition fee.
      • European Union: Open to secondary school students looking to study the next course at Strathmore University next year.
        • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
        • Business Management Diploma
        • Business Information Technology Diploma
      • Math Contest: Awarded to the best math participants in the country. These students receive tuition scholarships in pursuit of CPA, ACCA, or Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT).
    • Loans: Different types of loans are available to help students pursue different courses at Strathmore. Some loans include:
      • Strathmore Loans: A merit loan scheme that bright and needy students can take undergraduate courses in Strathmore. The choice is based on good academic performance and evidence of the financial needs of the family.
      • Kiva Loan: A unique student loan that allows students to receive tuition and laptop loans. This program is available to undergraduate students in class.
      • HELB Loans: Various loans for college students with proven financial needs.
    • Bursaries: Grants based on needs and excellent academic skills, usually awarded to students who meet additional criteria set by the donor.
  1. Master's Scholarship for Kenyan Students

    • East African ICT Center for Excellence (CENIT @ EA) Scholarship: Started by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the East African Community (EAC), CENIT @ EA aims for a reasonable distribution of scholarships. Programs in embedded and mobile systems based on transparent and fair scholarship beneficiary choices. CENIT @ EA scholarships include tuition, monthly allowances, rent assistance, and financial assistance for research under the NM-AIST fee structure that applies to NM-AIST. Self-funded / third party sponsor candidates are strongly encouraged to assist. If additional funds are available through the project, the top five students in each cohort will participate in a short-term exchange (4 weeks, internship with a partner institution) with Germany.
    • Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships: A life-changing opportunity for cultural exchange and academic collaboration that provides opportunities all over the world. This scholarship is for students who make a difference in their communities and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Scholars build deeper and stronger links through the Commonwealth Network, acting as ambassadors between their home countries and host countries. Selected scholarship candidates will receive:
      • Full tuition fee
      • Cost of living allowance during award period
      • Return economic flights to your country
      • Arrival allowance
      • Research Grants-On Request Only; Get approval

There are two application cycles for this scholarship:

      • Cycle 1: Applicants for courses beginning in July-October must receive application results by July of the award year.
      • Cycle 2: Applicants for courses starting in January-February must receive their application results by October before the award begins.
    • Kenya Technical College Master's Degree Scholarship: A scholarship offered for research at the Kenyan Technical University for the Master of Geothermal Energy Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management and Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Engineering. Scholarships include tuition and research costs only, not living expenses or grants.



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