SC office turns down leave request of Justice Isa’s counsel – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court office rejected a license request from the principal lawyer Muneer A. Malik, who represents the acting Supreme Court judge, Judge Qazi Faez Isa.

The lawyer, who suffered a heart problem on September 17 at night, shortly after attending the hearing of the challenges to the presidential reference against Judge Isa, filed the application with the Supreme Court office in search of a postponement 12-day general from September 23 to October 4.

On Friday, the Supreme Court had constituted a bank of 10 judges to resume since September 24 the hearing of a set of petitions that challenge the presidential reference against his own brother judge, Judge Isa.

Headed by Judge Umar Ata Bandial, the new bank will resume the proceedings on Tuesday (September 24). In addition to Judge Bandial, the bank is made up of Judge Maqbool Baqar, Judge Manzoor Ahmad Malik, Judge Faisal Arab, Judge Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel, Judge Sajjad Ali Shah, Judge Syed Mansoor Ali Shah (in case the judge is available), Judge Munib Akhtar, Judge Yahya Afridi and Judge Qazi Muhammad Amin.

Muneer A. Malik represents the Supreme Court judge facing a presidential reference

The high court is occupied with nine petitions filed by Judge Isa, the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), Abid Hasan Minto, the president of the Court Bar Association Supreme Quetta, Abdul Basit, the president of the Quetta Bar Association, Muhammad Asif Reki, the Bar Association of the Sindh High Court, the Baluchistan Bar Council and the Sindh Bar Council.

However, it is not clear who will replace the lead lawyer for the hearing scheduled for September 24, since doctors treating Malik Lawyer have advised him to rest in bed for at least a week.

At the last hearing on September 17, two members of the seven-judge Supreme Court, namely, Judge Sardar Tariq Masood and Judge Ijaz-u-Ahsan refused to sit on the bench.

Consequently, on September 18, Judge Bandial in a seven-page order issued a directive for the constitution of the full court consisting of all available judges with an order to provide the complete file before CJP Khosa to guarantee an appropriate order. about .

The order has been issued, according to the order, to promote transparency in procedures and the confidence of all persons interested in these procedures.

The order had also explained that during the 30-minute tea break, the bank members gathered together and as a matter of grace to safeguard the pristine purity, dignity and holiness of the Supreme Court institution and to avoid any motivation Attribution, insinuation or discussion on this subject by any party, two members of the bank for their personal reasons and of their own will, decided to withdraw from these procedures.

As he advanced his arguments, Judge Isa's advisor, Mr. Malik, who appeared on behalf of Judge Isa, had requested the constitution of a full tribunal composed of eligible judges to hear the matter.

To explain the expression "eligible judges", the lawyer had argued that judges on the bench who could possibly benefit from the dismissal of this petition should refrain from the proceedings in addition to the three main judges who were members of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC)

Posted on Dawn, September 22, 2019



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