Rouhani faces travel restrictions in New York – Newspaper

UNITED NATIONS: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani landed Monday in New York for the UN General Assembly, but he will not be allowed to see much of the Big Apple while he is here.

The president of Iran is subject to the same strict travel restrictions imposed on Iranian mission personnel before the United Nations in July.

Under restrictions, Rouhani cannot venture far from the UN headquarters, which is located in the East River on the east side of the island of Manhattan.

However, the United States government has granted a special authorization to stay in a hotel.

Rouhani will address the General Assembly and hold a press conference on Wednesday.

The Iranian leader is limited to an area limited by First Avenue, where the UN headquarters are located, and 42nd Street to the south and 48th Street to the north.

Similar limitations have been imposed on foreign leaders who were not liked by the United States in the past, such as the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Posted on Dawn, September 24, 2019



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