Recent Match Report – Nottinghamshire vs Kent, County Championship Division One, 2nd Innings

Kent 304 (Stevens 88, Ashwin 4-121) and 236 for 8 (Billings 100, Crawley 82) leads Nottinghamshire 416 Episode 124 (Stevens 5-39)

Sam Billings is finally worth a smile, and English cricket values ​​value and talent. The summer, which he named as the toughest brand of his career, was finally favored by Trent Bridge. He created a happy lucky century for the Nottinghamshire side and seemed to be unable to wait a long season. End.

It is undoubtedly called the century that Captain Kent will maintain his first division status in the first division in the first division since 2010.

I'm pushing a bit to write it. In fact, it's pushing it a lot, but even if you say people who can bother to fix those things got up early due to bowling bonus points, you can just run away. After all, it gives him something positive to remember the seasons.

Billings returned to Kent at the IPL in April and lost his shoulder in the first match. He won the England World Cup. Although you may have actually missed the cut anyway-the return to the T20 Blast started this match in line with the collapse of the form, meaning Kent did not unexpectedly reach the last 8 o'clock. Kent's average curiosity position (after two championship matches, one of which confronts the stupidity of the British match list).

As a person who always gives the impression that he is a very energetic and unsatisfied optimistic character who has to make contractual obligations to all the cereal advertisements produced, Billings needed life to give him a positive return. Perhaps there were spanking centuries in 105 balls with the addition of large amounts of vitamins.

The day he was fired by hitting the catch again after returning to the left arm spinner Liam Patterson-White in a proper manner. Reaching a stump of 8 to 236, Kent has a lead of 416 and is a bit like an unnecessary stockpile.

Nottinghamshire gave him the best pleasure without getting his name. Paul Coughlin and Ravi Ashwin were the main bowlers to suffer during the eerie knocks. They do not look good.

Same dance from same old shoes
A habit that can not be lost
There is no saying that a person may lose
After the thrill is gone

Cricket doesn't mean that when the Eagles wrote a song 40 years ago, he didn't think of it, but only one thing. Nottinghamshire, however, was sometimes impressed by the staff at Trent Bridge that it was upon them, desperate until the end of the disastrous championship season.

Warwickshire's most troubled fellow, Essex, was surprisingly able to descend this week in a fierce form against leader Essex. Whether anyone is interested to admit it or not, the priority is now to protect their state of mind against the final days of the vitality explosion.

Kent might have expected a lead when he raised 304 on the first day, but he didn't have the right to expect a 180 lead. I expected to go ahead positively after getting the lead, but that's not enough to catch 165 against 1. Up to 34 days.

Notts took seven turnstiles 71, and thanks to Luke Fletcher's outstanding qualities, he caused four turnstiles in five overcuts. Fletcher called the bulldozer at the dam. Ashwin, who had been lapping until then, had a flood.

Stephen Mullani's captain took a long time to get Fletcher's attention. He offered a second spell when he caught a deep square. He resisted for 90 minutes as a nightwatch man in the morning, but others lacked a deep-rooted commitment to the cause.

He moved his first ball back to 82-year-old Crawley to pull a square drive. Finally ended the practical stance that began when Kent's young No 3, Jordan Cox, was injured when hit by his forearm. Paul Coplin

Fletcher served Kent well by then and then passed through the outer edge of Heino-Kun twice at a wicket that spent almost no money on the troubled offering that drove him out. Be locked in a ticket gate

Ashwin then found enough turns to capture the mood and make two decisions at the same time. The second victim, Darren Stevens, fell to the second ball duck and moved forward. In his first innings he lumped the first ball he encountered six times in Ashwin and probably hoped to try again.

But the afternoon session belonged to Stevens. Earlier this month, Kent would not suggest an extension of the contract, and the 43-year-old claimed a 5 to 39, reaching 500 first-class turnstiles as Knotts disbanded to 124 (180).

Notts captain Steven Mullaney played his first game for two months after knee surgery and had to be treated for a long time to hit his forearm before lunch and it was very fast when he got lbw on the second ball in the afternoon session.

As Liam Patterson-White slipped, Stevens cut four more in the 5.1 overover. Tom Moores hit the pad, and finally Paul Coughlin kindly lofted in the middle. Stevens raised his arms in celebration of his career's 24-5 career. He shook slightly, but such a good pro should prefer the day he worked a little harder.

"For Kent there are three more now for 500," he said. Stats like this will keep old & # 39; un & # 39; and & # 39; un & # 39; un when less players are gone for a long time. Why not?


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