Punjab minister visits Hunain’s family, promises to introduce legislation against corporal punishment – Pakistan

Punjab School Education Minister Murad Raas said Friday it was important to introduce legislation to end corporal punishment after visiting the home of Hafiz Hunain Bilal, a 17-year-old boy who was allegedly beaten to death by his teacher.

"[We] he will have to pass laws in the assembly to end such incidents, "he said." We will introduce laws that would require teachers to obtain a license [before entering the profession] like doctors. "

Hunain was a 17-year-old student from the Lycetuff American school in Lahore and died Thursday after allegedly tortured by his teacher because he "did not memorize his lesson," police said when citing the victim's classmates.

& # 39; # JusticeForHunain & # 39 ;: Twitter demands justice for Lahore's teenager allegedly & # 39; tortured & # 39; until death by teacher

A first information report (FIR) was recorded against the teacher, the school principal, and the administration about Hunain's father's complaint. The teacher was arrested yesterday shortly after the incident and the boy's body was taken to the morgue for a post mortem examination. The school principal was also arrested later in the day.

"The principal and the school administration had been mentally torturing my son for the past few days for non-payment of school fees deposited today," said the father, citing the FIR.

The FIR added that the teacher "hit [Hunain] repeatedly, he grabbed his hair and banged his head against the wall, all the time yelling at him. "As a result, the boy collapsed in the classroom and died, the report added.

It was also learned that the teacher had hit the students in the past and was fired, but returned six months later. The school, however, has not issued any statements about the incident.

Raas, after his visit to Hunain's house today, promised the Hunain family that he would follow the case personally and also directed the Area Station Officer (SHO) Amjad to ensure that strict measures are taken against the culprits. .

"I have no words for [describe] the brutality, "he told reporters." Taking a child's life for something small is disconcerting. "

He said a FIR had been registered against the teacher and the school franchise. The minister explained that the school had not been sealed because the education of the children enrolled there would have suffered.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1503886/punjab-minister-visits-hunains-family-promises-to-introduce-legislation-against-corporal-punishment


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