PTI govt has brought Pakistan to brink of bankruptcy, PML-N alleges

Islamabad: Last Monday, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was released to the Pakistani Te Khri-i-Insaf (PTI) government. The regime's "record financial mistake" claimed to have put the country's economy into bankruptcy.

At a press conference addressed by former Prime Minister Muhammad Zubair, former vice president of PML-N senior leader Ahsan Iqbal, and Marilynum Aurangzeb PML-N intelligence minister, the PTI government The PTI government said it should resign to national interests because it could not maintain another serious fiscal quarter.

Ahsan Iqbal said that every economy has three main indicators of health and direction. He pointed out that growth, fiscal deficits and inflation are these key areas, and that PTI failed not only to maintain previous figures, but also caused record declines in all three.

He warned that the fiscal deficit situation is a record deficit in 40 years, an increase of 3.9 percent over a single quarter. Asan last said that the size of the deficit was when a large-scale development project was underway, but the government pointed out that it did not go through a single stage of development, but damaged the economy with a sharp increase of 3.9% due to a sharp increase in the deficit. 3 months.

Iqbal said inflation rose from 3% to over 13%, which is fatal when combined with low growth and fiscal deficits. He pointed out that Pakistan's State Bank (SBP) had been exposed to PTI's claim for a decline in imports, because the decline was not a routine import reform, but the completion of imported heavy equipment for the CPEC project.

Reporter Marriyum Aurangzeb told reporters about "Imran's incompetence, inadequacy and cluelessness."

She achieved her own goals enough to resign the shameful government to resign if the regime loves this country and is not lust, despite record borrowings, record development cuts, record inflation, record tax hikes, and record depreciation Said it can't. For power.

She said the two standards of the Khan regime are enormous, from austerity to deception of responsibility. Keeping the mother from Peshawar Metro's trillion rupee corruption while demanding the responsibilities of Lashare, Multan, and Rawalpindi metro, and endangering the circus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, spending 110 billion rupees on their own spending, is a sign of PTI's hypocrisy. said.

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