PTA takes up suspension of accounts over Kashmir with Twitter – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) raised on Wednesday the issue of suspension of tweets and blocking of Twitter accounts apparently related to Kashmir in India.

The telecommunications sector regulator has also asked users of the microblogging site to record their concerns about the suspension of their tweets or the blocking of their accounts at the following email address: [email protected]

The PTA has said a total of 333 IDs were suspended for posting tweets about the situation in the Kashmir in detention.

The PTA expressed concerns with the Twitter administration about the partial approach to Pakistani Twitter users in strong words, according to the statement issued by the regulator, and also asked Pakistani social media users to report any Twitter account suspended with the pretext of publishing pro-Kashmir content to the PTA.

The PTA has already received 333 of those complaints that were later sent to Twitter for restoration, however, only 67 accounts have been restored by Twitter so far.

A total of 333 suspended Twitter handlers

The PTA said that Twitter has not officially responded or given any reason for the suspension of these accounts.

The PTA said it is already making efforts to interact with Twitter to ensure freedom of expression for social media users in Pakistan. He said he invited the Twitter administration to a meeting in Pakistan or anywhere they prefer to have meaningful discussions and come up with a viable agreement. But Twitter has not yet responded, the PTA said.

Earlier, Sunrise reported in August about 200 Twitter accounts that had been suspended for apparently posting about Kashmir. The claim came from journalists, activists, government officials and military fans who tweeted in support of Kashmir's freedom.

The Director General of Public Relations between Services (ISPR), the General of Asif Ghafoor Division, had previously said that the authorities had made contact with Twitter and Facebook regarding the suspension of Pakistani social media accounts that publish content in support of Cashmere.

Under the Electronic Crime Prevention Act of 2016, the PTA is the only agency that can officially block access to illegal online content on the Internet and take it to the relevant platforms in cases where the PTA cannot block them for technical reasons.

The PTA also said it will continue to deal with the matter with Twitter and urges them to suspend their alleged partial approach to Pakistani users who defend the rights of oppressed Kashmir people in the hands of India.

Posted on Dawn, September 5, 2019



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