Pre-arrest bail plea of property tycoon rejected – Pakistan

RAWALPINDI: An anti-corruption court on Wednesday rejected bail requests prior to the arrest of property mogul Malik Riaz and his son, Ali Riaz, in a land fraud case and summoned them for the next hearing on October 15 with a warning that cannot be rescued Arrest warrants will be issued against them in case of absence.

The dismissal of bail statements has allowed the anti-corruption establishment to arrest the property mogul and his son in the case.

Prosecutor Sheikh Istijabat said Dawn that the court dismissed his bail statements due to "no prosecution since both father and son did not attend" during Wednesday's proceedings.

Earlier, the property magnate's lawyer, Zahid Bukhari, asked Judge Rana Nisar Ahmed of the anti-corruption court not to reject his request and assured him that his client would appear in court.

The plaintiffs' lawyer, residents of villages near Rawat, in the case of land fraud, asked the court to issue arrest warrants against Malik Riaz.

However, the judge issued a subpoena for both the property mogul and his son to appear on October 15 and warned them that, in case of absence, arrest warrants would be issued against them.

The anti-corruption establishment had registered a case against the city of Bahria and some income officials in Punjab for the villagers' complaint on November 4, 2009. According to the complaint, Malik Riaz, his son and others allegedly bribed the income officers to get the 1,401 Kanals of & # 39; shamilat & # 39; or community lands transferred to their own names in documents & # 39; false & # 39 ;.

After the dismissal of the bail statements on Wednesday, Malik Riaz tweeted: "To enthusiastic media channels, court reporters and social media watchers, I regret to report that no court in Pakistan has issued my" warrants. arrest "in any case, but issued subpoena to appear in court at the next appointment."

The land fraud case was transferred from the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) to the liability court in October 2012 after a one-year legal battle between the ACE and the National Office of Responsibility (NAB).

In October 2011, the ACE had issued arrest warrants against the property mogul and his son in the case of land fraud. Malik Riaz then filed a petition with the Lahore High Court (LHC) to cancel the investigation, but then withdrew it. Meanwhile, NAB asked ACE to give it the record of the case whereby the then president of NAB, retired admiral Fasih Bokhari, issued a notification in November 2011.

NAB then exonerated both Malik Riaz and his son, Ali Riaz, in the case of land fraud.

Meanwhile, the ACE had challenged the transfer of the case in the Rawalpindi bank of the Lahore High Court, which held that the investigation conducted by the ACE was in accordance with the law.

When the matter reached the Supreme Court, the cusp court in September 2015 ordered NAB to investigate whether Bukhari and other officers had abused his position by writing the request to the special judge.

The higher court noted that NAB should not have exonerated the accused. In compliance with the SC order, the case was transferred to the anti-corruption court and proceedings against the property magnate and his son were initiated.

In January 2016, the Supreme Court that dealt with the matter again suspended the previous order and prevented the anti-corruption court from continuing the matter. The suspension order was later withdrawn, after which the ACC resumed the procedure in this case.

Posted in Dawn, September 26, 2019



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