Policeman martyred in gunfight with suspects in Nazimabad

A month later, the police officer, who is scheduled for Luke Satsik, accepted Thursday martyrdom in a shooting with three suspects in Nazibad. Two suspects also died.

The police said the alleged robbers were shot and killed during the shooting, but the virus-infected video on social media said the suspect was injured by the police after the shooting was over.

The shootout took place near the ground around 6:45 am, with the Nazarivabad No. 3 Eid belonging to the jurisdiction of the Nazarivabad Police Station.

Officials said during a daily patrol the policeman met three suspects riding two motorcycles as Aid robbed a citizen near the ground. The feud was martyred and two suspects were seriously injured in the shooting.

The viral video showed that two suspects were fatally wounded and lying on the roadside while the body of the patrolled police officer was placed in an ambulance. The video also showed other police officers killing them by shooting several times to close the suspects.

Officials said three suspects were taking motorcycles from citizens when patrol police arrived at the scene. They said the suspects were shot after law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

As a result, one of the motorcycle riders was shot in the chest, died shortly after the attack, and two suspects were seriously injured in the shootout, officials added.

The police no longer mention the incident or the viral video. Earlier that day, the central central SSP Arif Aslam Rao told the media that a martyr was identified as Syed Zeeshan Mian, 26, son of Syed Athar Mian, and that the police were appointed to Sindh police in 2014.

These police officers were regularly patrolling with fellow police officers, Shamir, to monitor the area near Nazivabad and to prevent criminal activity, especially street crimes from committing in this area.

The suspects killed were identified as Abdul Basit and Habib Khan, who belong to the Khuzdar region of Balochistan. All three bodies were taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Police are raiding to arrest the third suspect, adding that the murdered suspect belonged to a six-member gang known as & # 39; 125 & # 39 ;, allegedly involved in various crimes in the central region.

This scene shows Shahmir finishing the injured suspect, and the video was detained after being infected with the virus on other social media websites.

Zeeshan's Nikah event was already held and his Rukhsati program was scheduled to be held sometime next month. Shahmir's mother told the media, “Jishan was my cousin and son-in-law. "Shahmir worked with Zeeshan when the tragedy occurred."

She added that police have arrested Shamir after Shamir shot and killed criminals after killing Jishan. She appealed to public officials by saying that her son killed criminals without killing innocent people.

Jisan's funeral prayers were provided at the police headquarters in the garden area. In addition to his family and relatives, the funeral was attended by Pakistani Ranger Sind Secretariat Chief Omar Ajma Omar Ahmed Bukhari and the officers and police officers of Karachi police officer Shulam Nabi Memon. At the sacrifice of a police officer


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/528964-policeman-martyred-in-gunfight-with-suspects-in-nazimabad


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