Police in Punjab told to blacklist officials involved in torture – Pakistan

RAWALPINDI: Regional police officers (RPOs) throughout Punjab have been ordered to blacklist all those officials with a proven track record of inflicting torture on citizens or causing deaths in custody and not assigning them any field duty.

Incidents of police torture and deaths in police custody in recent days have caused shock and anger among citizens.

The incidents forced the Police Inspector General (IGP) Arif Nawaz Khan to convene a meeting recently with the RPOs and informed them that their orders regarding media policy were not read carefully, as the junior officers were holding press conferences and sharing videos of police investigations with the media.

IGP also mandates that such officers not be assigned any fieldwork

He also acknowledged that incidents of torture or death in police custody were a failure of the field command. He said that formal and informal visits and inspections of police stations had been abandoned by district chiefs and that the central command had not held a single meeting at which zero tolerance for incidents of torture and deaths in custody were discussed. police

He also expressed his dismay at ignoring their directives by saying that it was the task of the field commanders to implement the instructions, policies and directives given by the Central Police Office.

"District police officers have to leave their fancy offices and watch what happens at police stations," said the IGP.

On the other hand, subordinate personnel are taking district chiefs as if they did not exist and with each passing day the commanders become irrelevant, said the IGP.

He also suggested that corruption or inefficiency of police officers should be reflected in their annual confidential reports (ACR). The IGP ordered the RPO and DPO to hold interactive meetings with all ranks in small groups and order them to follow the SOPs and forcefully sensitize torture / death in custody.

While citing a recent example of torturing a woman by some officials and private persons in Vehari, the IGP said it was an example of a non-professional command of the district police officer. A committee composed of local notables, SDPO and SHO was set up to investigate a case of gold theft. The committee tortured one of the alleged women.

The irony of the situation was that the SHO, which inflicted torture on the woman, was charged with the case. Later, the RPO had to be sent to Vehari to conduct an investigation.

Crackdown released

Separately, the police decided to launch an offensive against those who use blue lights or tinted windows in private vehicles.

The address in this regard was issued by the city police officer Mohammad Faisal Rana.

The CPO said criminals disguised themselves and tried to dodge the law often using blue lights on their vehicles or polarized glasses.

He said the repression against private vehicles with blue lights and tinted windows was beginning against the prime minister's directives.

Posted on Dawn, September 18, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1505777/police-in-punjab-told-to-blacklist-officials-involved-in-torture


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