PM Office issues ‘red letter’ to 27 ministries for ‘critical delay’ in task completion – Pakistan

The Office of the Prime Minister (PMO) issued a & # 39; red letter & # 39; 27 ministries / divisions for a "critical delay" in the tasks assigned to them under the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan, emerged Thursday.

The red letter, considered a final warning and an expression of disgust, was issued to the secretaries of 27 federal ministries / divisions of a total of 34 ministries.

The PMO requested the ministries / divisions in question to complete the tasks assigned to them before September 9 and submit a compliance report on the matter to the prime minister.

According to the red letter issued to a ministry / division, a copy of which was obtained by DawnNewsTV, before they had been given 30 days to complete certain tasks.

These tasks were:

  • Provision of the list of vacancies at all levels to frame or update recruitment rules
  • Provision of the list of vacant positions at all levels that could be reallocated, rationalized or eliminated
  • Provision of the list of officers / officials (all kinds of ex-cadres) eligible for the promotion that is not promoted due to various reasons
  • Timely elimination of all disciplinary proceedings initiated against government employees who are pending for more than three months.
  • Provision of data in a prescribed format regarding records / files to be archived, machinery, vehicles, equipment to be condemned and disposed of according to the approved procedure

The letter said that to ensure clarity, two briefings had also been convened.

Initially, a & # 39; yellow letter & # 39; to the ministry on August 17, noting that half of the time they were given to complete the tasks had elapsed.

"Despite the situation mentioned above, the task was critically delayed and [is] now it is late for its end, "said the letter, adding that no further extension would be granted to the ministry.

The PMO noted that the red letter would be a factor in the performance report of the ministry / division in question, urging them to complete tasks for which the deadlines had not yet elapsed.

In March, PMO said Prime Minister Imran would conduct a quarterly review of all ministries and government cabinet divisions, for which a notice was sent to all federal secretaries.



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