PM commends 58 countries, EU over Kashmir cause – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday praised 58 countries and the European Union for supporting the cause of a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute in line with UN Security Council resolutions and international laws.

The prime minister said in his tweet: "I commend the 58 countries that joined Pakistan in the Human Rights Council on September 10, reinforcing the demands of the international community for India to stop the use of force, lift the siege, remove other restrictions, respect and protect the rights of cashmere. " and resolve the Kashmir dispute through UNSC resolutions.

"I appreciate the call of the EU in the Human Rights Council for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute in line with UNSC resolutions, international laws and bilateral agreements."

Pakistan welcomed a new United Nations report on the situation in occupied Kashmir on Monday, which for the second consecutive year called for the creation of an investigative commission to investigate human rights abuses perpetrated by Indian occupation troops in the valley.

He criticizes the United States for blaming Pakistan for its own setbacks in Afghanistan

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) not to compare the situation in occupied Kashmir with Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan had asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to immediately establish an independent investigative commission to investigate human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir, as recommended in the two OHCHR reports on The disputed territory.

He thanked the growing concern and demands of the international community, world leaders and UN officials for India to lift its six-week siege into the occupied Himalayan territory.

Later, chairing a meeting on "ease of doing business" in the construction sector, the prime minister declared, in principle, the construction sector as an industry.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Chairman of the Investment Board Syed Zubair Gillani, Secretary of Housing Dr. Imran Zeb, President of the Housing Authority of Naya Pakistan retired Lieutenant General Anwar Ali Hyder and Senior officials attended the meeting.

Lieutenant General Hyder informed the Prime Minister about the steps that are being taken to address policy issues, simplification of procedures, easy access to comprehensive information, abolition of unnecessary approvals, compliance with zoning and development statutes, use of disposal technology / minimization of the need for physical presence. and personal interaction and elimination of discretionary powers, particularly during inspections, concurrent activities within the stipulated deadlines.

He presented a short, medium and long-term road map to improve the "ease of doing business" in the construction sector.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with RT NewsThe prime minister said that despite becoming the worst victim of the Afghan war and the war on terrorism, the United States had blamed Pakistan for its own setbacks in Afghanistan.

He said Islamabad suffered heavy losses when he joined the Washington war on terrorism, and in the end, the United States still blamed Pakistan for its own setbacks in Afghanistan.

Khan was quoted as saying: "Pakistan suffered a serious blow after joining the US-led global campaign against terrorism."

Prior to that, Islamabad was supporting Islamist fighters, who were allegedly "funded by the US CIA" to wage a war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s. But as it was the United States' turn to invade Afghanistan, "These groups turned against us."

“We lost 70,000 people. We lost more than $ 100 billion [from] the economy. And in the end, we were blamed for Americans who don't succeed in Afghanistan. I felt it was very unfair to Pakistan, ”he said.

Posted on Dawn, September 13, 2019



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