Pakpattan sub-inspector suspended for ‘manhandling’ visitor to shrine – Pakistan

In another incident at the hands of the Punjab police, a sub-inspector in Pakpattan was suspended after allegedly mistreating a devotee who visited the shrine of Baba Farid Ganj Shakar for urs celebrations

The subinspector, Aijaz Kalia, was sent to the sanctuary to oversee the safety of visitors.

A video of the incident went viral on social media on Saturday where visitors to the sanctuary can be seen queuing just before the stairs leading inside.

In the video, you can see a man in the queue raising his voice in protest in the presence of the police officer. It is not clear what the reason behind the man's protest was, but another man can hear saying: "Is there any reason to close it?"

The subinspector lost his composure and shouted at the man who was protesting, telling him to "shut up"[[[["chup kar"]to which the man responded by saying, "Why should I shut up?"

As things got hotter, the officer urged the man to go ahead and talk if he was so willing, moving to cross a rope barrier between him and the line of people, but then he held back.

All the time, people kept urging the officer and the man to refrain from letting things get worse.

A moment later, the man said: "You have hurt us." This unleashed the officer who approached to grab the man by the neck, dragged him and shook him violently before pushing him aside.

Pakpattan District Police Officer (DPO) Ibadat Nisar issued a video video on the matter on Sunday.

"Yesterday, some images became viral on social networks in which a sub-inspector used harsh language while talking with a visitor and his behavior was inappropriate," he said at the beginning of his statement.

"I wish [clarify] that the Punjab police and Pakpattan police are considered to serve the people. We consider all visitors who come here as our guests. It is our effort to facilitate your safety, your trips and your time here, "said the DPO.

"We have taken serious action against the unfortunate incident that took place yesterday. The subinspector involved was immediately suspended and a departmental investigation into the incident was initiated," said Nisar.

"Once again, the entire force has been informed that in the Punjab police force, no one who demonstrates such behavior will be tolerated and there will continue to be a zero tolerance policy in this regard," the officer concluded.

Punjab police have recently been the subject of attention for their arrogance and illegal methods to carry out police duties.

Last week, three people, two in Lahore and one in Rahim Yar Khan, died due to alleged torture by police officials.

In the last incident of arrogant behavior exhibited by the police, which occurred three days ago, an assistant assistant inspector (ASI) of the Lahore police was suspended and arrested for allegedly misbehaving with an old woman.

On August 26, officers from the anti-corruption department unearthed a torture cell in Lahore allegedly operated by the Gujjarpura station officer along with three agents to keep the suspects in custody on the pretext of an interrogation.



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