Pakistan will continue to stand by Kashmiris even if the world doesn’t, says PM upon return from UN – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan returned to Islamabad on Sunday after concluding his trip to the United States to attend the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Party supporters and workers gathered at the capital's airport to welcome the prime minister.

PTI leaders, supporters met Sunday at Islamabad airport to welcome Prime Minister Imran from the UN trip. – DawnNewsTV

At Islamabad airport and on the main roads of the city, banners and posters were placed, some praising Imran Khan and others highlighting the plight of the cashmere that remain under a blockade imposed by India.

Strong cheers were heard as the prime minister went to the main hall to talk to the people.

"First of all, I thank my nation. The way you prayed for me, so that we can present the Kashmir case to the UN," the prime minister began.

"I especially thank Bushra bibi because he prayed a lot for us."

He asked people to remember that Pakistan is standing with Kashmir. "Whether the world is with the cashmere or not, Pakistan supports them.

"And we support them because we want to please Allah."

Speaking of the ongoing encased in occupied Kashmir, he said: "India has trapped eight million people under curfew.

"I want to remind you that a fight goes through ups and downs. There are good and bad times, ghabrana nahi hai (don't worry) Because the cashmere are looking at you and, God willing, they will win, they will gain independence.

"All cashmere, their women and children, look at Pakistan and its people. We will expose the fascist government of Modi, this Muslim government that hates, on every platform."

"I told you this before," Prime Minister Imran said: * "Koshish insaan karta hai, kamyabi Allah deta hai" (the effort is made by man, success if God gives it). "

The main leaders of PTI, some with garlands, welcomed the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

PTI leaders wait at Islamabad airport on Sunday to welcome the prime minister. – DawnNewsTV

Among the first to greet the Prime Minister were Defense Minister Pervez Khattak, Chief Spokesman Firdous Ashiq Awan, Chief Leader Asad Umar and Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail.

Before the arrival of the prime minister in Pakistan, the special assistant to the Prime Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, announced that party members and leaders would give the prime minister a great reception.

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The leader of the PTI, Jahangir Khan Tareen, also asked people to give Prime Minister Imran a "hero welcome", saying: "Prime Minister IK fought against the Kashmir case as a true hero. His unequivocal speech. at the UNGA helped transform the image of Pakistan worldwide. "

After Imran's inaugural visit to the United States as prime minister in July, he received a joyful welcome from the main party leaders and PTI workers amid slogans and applause. His return coincided with the first anniversary of the 2018 general elections.

Technical problem with the plane.

The prime minister left New York on Saturday aboard the SV20 flight of Saudi Airlines and arrived in Jeddah today, where he had a brief stopover.

On Friday night, the prime minister took off from the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York in a special plane made available by the Saudi government, but flew in a couple of hours to repair a technical failure.

The prime minister, who led the delegation of Pakistan to the UNGA, waited at the airport for a while while the technicians tried to solve the fault, but more work was needed and they decided to complete it on Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Lodhi had escorted the Prime Minister back to the Roosevelt Hotel where he had stayed during his hectic seven-day trip.

Mission Kashmir

During his visit to the "Kashmir Mission" to New York, the prime minister addressed the UNGA of 193 members, attended the UN summit meetings, met with several world leaders outside the session, including the president from the United States, Donald Trump, addressed groups of experts and interacted with international media.

His speech at the UN was widely welcomed in Pakistan.

Before leaving for JFK for his first attempt to fly out of New York, the Prime Minister met with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Friday and also discussed Kashmir's situation with him.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office said Imran praised Guterres "for his clear articulation of the UN position on the Kashmir dispute."

The UN chief during the meeting reiterated his deep concern for human rights and the humanitarian situation in occupied Kashmir, the press release said.

Guterres said he would "remain committed to the issue" and said his offer to help facilitate a peaceful solution to the Kashmir problem remained.

The prime minister also presented photographs of the sculptor by Pakistani artist Amin Gulgee, who is now in the UN rose garden.

"This beautiful monument of a great artist, Amin Gulgee, will remain forever at the UN facilities," said a statement issued by the secretary general's office after the presentation ceremony.



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