Pakistan wants US-Taliban talks resumed – Newspaper

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan has expressed the hope that talks between the United States and the Taliban, which were abruptly suspended over the weekend, will soon resume and open the way to intra-Afghan negotiations that will lead to a peaceful resolution of the protracted conflict in Afghanistan. .

"We hope that the suspension of the peace talks will only be a pause and resume sooner rather than later, as the alternative is an increase in violence, which could push Afghanistan into an even more turbulent and uncertain phase of what is He has seen so far, "said the ambassador. Maleeha Lodhi told the UN Security Council, while securing Pakistan's role as facilitator of the Afghan peace process.

In participating in a debate on the situation in Afghanistan, he said that Pakistan had always condemned the violence and requested that all parties exercise restraint and remain committed to the peace process for their belief that there was no military solution to the Afghan conflict.

The Pakistani envoy said that nine rounds of direct talks between the United States and the Taliban had improved the prospects for establishing the first significant basis of an agreement, which increases the hope that the parties appear closer to that goal than at any other time. in the past. 18 years.

Envoy says that the UNSC Islamabad remains committed to the safe, dignified and voluntary repatriation of refugees

In her speech, Ambassador Lodhi said the recent setback should not dampen hopes. "We urge both parties to commit again and look forward to a speedy resumption of the talks," he added. "Apart from Afghanistan itself, there is no country that has suffered more than Pakistan because of the four decades of war and foreign interventions in Afghanistan."

He noted that Pakistan had provided important assistance to Afghanistan in development assistance in the education, health, reconstruction and infrastructure development sectors, giving details of specific projects to the 15-member council.

“Pakistan has welcomed millions of Afghan refugees for four decades, opening our homes and hearts to our brothers and sisters. We remain committed to their safe, dignified and voluntary repatriation, ”he added.

Posted on Dawn, September 13, 2019



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