Pakistan Spin Wizard Abdul Qadir Died due to Cardiac Arrest, Shocks cricketing world

Abdul Qadir killed

The cricket world is shocked by the sudden death of Pakistani spin Maestro Abdul Qadir at the age of 63. He died of a heart attack, and the cricket world mourns him. .

Abdul Qadir's son Salman Qadir confirmed the death of an iconic cricketer. A former cricketer was transferred to a service hospital after a heart attack, but he could not survive every dawn. Salman told AFP: “My father had no heart problems, so he was suddenly shocked and severely attacked to survive.

Khadir, who would have turned 64 on September 15, was one of the favorite figures of former Pakistani captain Imran Khan. "I'm sorry about the death of Qadir," Khan said in a message. “By his death I lost my close friends and teammates.

The legendary Australian leg spinner Shane Warne (708 people behind Muti Murali Taran 800 in Sri Lanka) commented on Sky Sports in the fourth retest between England and Australia, Warne says Qadir is a "gorgeous and gorgeous bowler". Said.

"When I first visited Pakistan in 1994, I had a chance to meet him," Reuters said. “I think many of those who did leg rotations were the ones we saw in the '80s. He was a leg spinner at the time. “He was a good bowler who killed many batters. His record is amazing. ”

According to Geographic TV, cricket player Camran Akmal also confirmed the death of Abdul Qadr.


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