‘Pakistan is no longer a pawn, a joke, a bystander on the world stage’

According to a British publication, Pakistan has emerged as a responsible global player and a pioneer of peace under the Imran PM. — File Photo

According to an article published in the British publisher The Independent, Pakistan has emerged as a responsible global player and a pioneer of peace under the guidance of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

A year ago, politician Imran Khan, elected as a cricketer, could not restrain his delightful expression when his party, Pakistani-e-In-Insaf, came to power. His victory at the same time It's me Pakistan He thought that it must be solved before those who lost hope in the fate of the country.

Despite the painful and slow pace of reform and strict measures, the author's opinion seems to be in the right direction after all.

“The message to world leaders is big and clear. Pakistan is no longer pawns, jokes and bystanders on the world stage. Active, participative, relevant and accountable. This is a dramatic change from the past, and you can retroactively gain greater awareness. ”

In their opinion articles, writers Farrukh Karim Khan and Saba Karim Khan summarize the difficulties and early rays that emerge under the vision of the current government and PM Imran.

"The pace of reform is slow and bumpy, and many of the benefits don't rain right away, but look decisively in the right direction," they say.

For the past 50 years Pakistan has been moving in the wrong direction. The authors pointed out that the situation in the political system “pursuing a political and economic elite” has deteriorated.

The previous government's policies favored the poor part of society at the expense of the public.

When the Imran government came to power, the government inherited numerous issues, including harsh economic problems, geopolitical changes caused by Kashmir, and unreasonable expectations from promises during elections.

“In Pakistan's economy, even with Pakistan's own standards, enormous inheritance and debt repayment caused immediate economic growth. But a deeper dive shows that yesterday's rent-seeking culture is finally strengthening. Encouraging export and import substitution without encouraging investment in imports of unproductive land and consumer goods is a long process. A country where productivity is steadily decreasing. After years of neglect, export investment is on the rise, and entrepreneurs have begun business on the basis of import substitution. "

The writers claim that they are the darkest before dawn and still see green shoots in politics, economy and technology.

This article suggests that the imminent benefit is a move by the PTI government to expand its tax net, as the number of taxpayers increased 65{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} last year.

According to the writer, Imran's leadership style has blossomed all over the world due to significant events such as the heightened tension between Fullan and Kashmir.

The brokerage and brokerage requests for global issues such as the US-Afghanistan and the US-Iran were not tied to the same conviction.

“The road ahead is long and hard, but Khan's vision is starting to overturn the self-destructive path that Pakistan has been following for decades.


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/532465-pakistan-is-no-longer-a-pawn-a-joke-a-bystander-on-the-world-stage


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