Pakistan forcefully highlighted Kashmir dispute at int’l level, NA told

Islamabad: Foreign Minister Shah Mamoud Kureshi said Pakistan, under the guidance of Prime Minister Imran Khan, effectively and strongly emphasized the Kashmir conflict at the international level.

He spoke at the National Assembly Friday, saying Pakistan has had major diplomatic successes in Kashmir and India is relying on propaganda campaigns to hide failures, including those faced by the UN Security Council.

He made it clear that the current government's position on Kashmir is the same as that of the nation. He said India is in a defensive position like never before.

Parliament was also notified on Friday that an additional 160 billion rupees were recovered as a result of the PTI government's successful campaign against power deprivation.

Secretary Power Omar Ayub Khan told the house that during the time of the question, no spillage was going on in the 80 percent of the country.

He said 3,364 megawatts of electricity was added to the state grid during his current term. He said the government prioritizes tar coal and renewable energy to produce electricity.

Communications Minister Murad Saeed said the National Highway Authority plans to double the 790 km long Chaman-Quetta-Karachi road.

He reaffirmed the government's commitment to building the western route of China's Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

Deputy Secretary of State for Human Rights, Lal Chand, said the survey is starting to determine the exact number of people with disabilities in the country. He said the survey will help the government develop a policy for the welfare of people with disabilities.

Power Omer Ayub, the first step in the House of Representatives, said Saudi Arabia will invest $ 20 billion in Pakistan. He said the investment also included building a refinery in Gwadar.

Foreign Minister Andleeb Abbas expressed concern about tensions between the United States and Iran. She said all parties should talk to solve the problem. She expressed satisfaction with the US president's current conversation with Iran.

Many bills were introduced into the house on Friday. This includes the High Court (court dress and address) Order (Repeat) bill of 2019, the Pakistan Coin (Revised) bill of 2019, the Bank (Nationalization) (Revised) bill, mutual legal aid (criminal). Matts) Bill 2019, Loan (Amended) Bill for Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Purposes in 2019, Joint Maritime Act of 2019 Marine Intelligence Agency.

The House also passed a resolution extending the Nya Pakistan Housing Development Ordinance by 120 days in 2019. Several rituals were established in front of the house on Friday.

This includes the "Pakistan Criminal Code (Revised) Ordinance 2019", "2019 Federal Civil Service Housing Ordinance", "National Anti-Terrorism Authority (Revised) Ordinance 2019" and "National Information Technology Committee Ordinance, 2019".

The House of Representatives has adopted an amendment that stipulates the election of one or more standing committees for ministry in which there are one or more divisions and the divisions lead a separate ministry. The house will meet at 5 pm on Monday.

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