No-Toss, New Points System & New Rules

  • Introducing “no-toss” rules for first time bowling options
  • New point system considering batters and bowling performances in the first inning
  • Revised PCB Code of Conduct to introduce more stringent cash penalties for low rate excess rates
  • Win overtime in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy final.

During the 2019-20 season, which starts on Saturday, September 14, the main features of the PCB race conditions and the PCB Code of Conduct are "no-toss" rules and greater financial penalties that do not maintain excessive interest rates. Round action of the four-day first-class Quaid-e-Azam Trophy.

For the first time in the national best tournament Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, according to 2019-2020 PCB match condition 13.4, the captain of the visiting team can bowl first after approaching the pitch condition.

If the captain chooses the other side, the coin is rotated to perform a normal throw.

This provision is as follows:

Before throwing, the visiting team captain must first give the option to bowl. If he decides so, throwing (spinning of coins) does not take place.

If the visiting team captain is not determined, a normal throw (common coin rotation) occurs.

If a team is playing in a neutral place, the home team is considered a team and is called "home" in the schedule.

The purpose of introducing this rule is to provide the visitor with an equal and fair opportunity to get help from the surface.

Point system

There is also a clear difference in the way a team earns points. This is derived after adding the points awarded by the betting and bowling department based on the match results and the first inning performance.

The team with an obvious victory wins 16 points. 5 or 9 points will be awarded for draw or tie games.

Here's how points are awarded for your first inning performance.

Bet points for the first inning to earn up to 110 points or more:

  • 200 times 1 point
  • 250 times 2 points
  • 300 times 3 points
  • 350 times 4 points
  • 400 points 5 times

First Inning Bowling Point:

  • 1 point per ticket gate
  • 2 points per 6 wickets
  • 3 points for 9 ticket gates

Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Final

The match will be held at Karachi National Stadium from December 9-13.

If the final of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy (First Class Tournament) ends in a draw, the winner will be declared based on the first inning.

However, if the first inning is not completed within the scheduled period (5 days for the final match), then the first inning continues the next day, completing the first inning on both sides.

If the first inning of both teams is not completed despite the added date, both teams will be declared co-winners.

Revised Sanctions for Slower Speeding

To complete the overtime processing within the allotted time, PCB introduced a larger and more consistent cash fine in the PCB Code of Conduct 2019-20.

This applies to all formats.

Sanction range allowed for unlimited overmatch:

  • PKR 8,000 per team with 1-2 or more
  • Penalty for previous over for PKR 12,000 + 3-4 over per team
  • Penalty for previous over for PKR 16,000 + 5-6 over per team
  • PKR 20,000 + 7-8 Over per team Penalty for Over Over
  • Penalty for previous overs for PKR 25,000 + 9 or more overs per team

Permissible sanctions for daily matches:

  • PKR 10,000 per team with 1-2 or more
  • Penalty for short previous over over PKR 12,000 + 3-5 over per team
  • Penalty for previous over for PKR 16,000 + more than 6 over shorts per team

Permitted sanction range for T20 matches:

  • Over PKR 10,000 10,000 per team
  • Penalty for previous Over Over for PKR 15,000 + 2-4 Over Short per Team
  • Penalty for short over over PKR 20,000 + 5 points per team

For day and night matches during the Pakistan Cup 1-day match, an additional 30 minutes will be given to the team.

1 foreigner allowed

Section 1.2 (ii) of the Eligibility Rules for PCB Domestic Tournaments 2019-20 allows only one team of one cricket association to represent a season.

The Cricket Association can use all U19 players in the first or second XI terms, while using U19 players to participate in all domestic tournaments, including first-class cricket.

The Cricket Associations can also register overseas players with the original 32 players in accordance with the written approval of the PCB and the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the relevant cricket board of that player.

According to section 2 of the Eligibility Rules for PCB Domestic Tournament 2019-20, all requests involving overseas players will be made one month before the cricket season.

Cricket Association must make special request to PCB domestic cricket operations department to select overseas players during the season.

PCB Head – Domestic Cricket Operations by Haroon Rashid: “PCB is working to bridge the gap between international and domestic cricket and this change was necessary. We hope this change will increase the professionalism of our players and prepare them for the challenges of international cricket. ”

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