No decision yet on airspace closure to India: minister – Pakistan

TAXILA: Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan has said that a decision has not yet been made to close Pakistan's airspace to India.

At a press conference at the PTI secretariat here on Monday, the minister said: “All options regarding the closure of airspace were considered during the last cabinet meeting; however, no final decision has been made so far. "

He said that the government had so far not made any decision to close the eastern airspace to commercial flights from India; however, "we reserve the right to do so and it would be used at the appropriate time."

In response to a question, the minister ruled out any changes in the cabinet and portfolios of ministers, both federally and provincially, taking into account the geostrategic environment.

He criticized the double standards and prejudices of the United Nations with Muslims, adding that East Timor and Sudan were divided in ethical terms, but the case of Kashmir had been in the background for 72 years, which was a great question mark. at the UN and the Security Council.

The minister said that the Kashmir problem had now become a humanitarian rather than a political problem. "It is time for opposition parties to avoid political differences and join the government to send a united voice to the world for the prompt resolution of the Kashmir dispute," he added.

In response to another question, Sarwar Khan said there was no need to be disappointed by the reaction of the Muslim world to the Kashmir problem.

He said the PTI government would advocate for the case of Kashmir in all forums, including the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and would use diplomatic channels to draw the attention of the international community to the plight of cashmere.

"The prime minister and the Foreign Minister are making contacts with the heads of state and governments and the foreign ministers of different countries on a daily basis to obtain support on the issue of Kashmir."

The minister said that Pakistan's Defense Day will be held on September 6 in a beneficial way in the city of Wah as a lair of solidarity with the Kashmiri brothers and the families of the victims of the Wah twin suicide bombing. He said that different events, programs and events would be organized to observe the day.

In response to a question, he said that the government had decided to observe every Friday as the day of solidarity with the cashmere until the Modi government lifted the curfew and the blockade of the busy Jammu and Kashmir.

Member of the National Assembly Mansoor Hayat Khan and Member of the Assembly of Punjab Malik Tamoor Masood Akbar were also present at the press conference.

Posted on Dawn, September 3, 2019



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