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Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Country Ambassadors Programme 2019

Deadline: September 15, 2019

Are you a scientist, technician or STEM lover with a social science background? Apply now for the 2019 NEF (Next Einstein Forum) Ambassador Program. The NEF Ambassador is the young science and technology champion of NEF in each African country.

The NEF Ambassador, less than 42 years old, leads NEF's local public engagement activities, building his career through NEF's partnerships and providing mentoring and collaboration opportunities with existing researchers. In particular, the NEF Ambassador attends the biennial NEF Global Gatherings. The next NEF Global Gathering will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, March 10-13, 2020.


  • Act as your national NEF ambassador at NEF events.
  • In March 2020, attend the prestigious Extra Large NEF Global Meeting with Nobel Laureates, State Directors, and representatives of major global companies. The Ambassador receives paid travel expenses for the NEF Global Gathering event in 2020.
  • Participate in interviews, panels and research, NEF research and articles about science, social sciences and technology, among other events that take place during / following NEF Global Gathering 2020.
  • Organize NEF African Science Week every year in their country
  • Create original and cross-post content about the NEF, including blog articles, community science news, community scientist profiles, and activities for promoting the NEF.
  • Join the community of NEF scientists and tell people positively about NEF whenever possible.
  • Follow the NEF to regularly promote the NEF on social media, and regularly give the NEF team ideas about how to inform and maintain an interest in the online community about the NEF.
  • Ambassadors should spend a total of 1-2 hours a week on science and writing, editing, updating, news and article writing in Africa and NEF, and talking to NEF fellows and the scientific community. Global Gathering Event May Increase Time During Weekdays
  • Presentations to Students, Audiences, Special Classes and Events on NEF and Science in Africa
  • Other Responsibilities Suggested and Recommended by You


  • Ambassadors will receive significant exposure to the NEF readers community
  • Opportunity to have a network with other experts, NEF ambassadors and NEF fellows and leading scientists, social scientists and technology leaders around the world
  • Through NEF articles and documents, have the opportunity to influence science, social science and technology policy and share their work
  • Present your own projects and ideas to prominent NEF members and contribute to establishing a positive worldview for science in Africa


  • As of December 31, 2017, applicants must be 42 years of age or younger (born after January 1, 1975)
  • Residents and citizens of African countries with a history of leadership and participation in resident communities
  • Doctoral degree is not required – advanced studies or professional certificates, personal projects, proven entrepreneurship achievements and similar
  • Applicants from all sciences, including basic sciences, STEM, health and social sciences, are recommended.
  • Has excellent writing and critical thinking skills and can work comfortably in a collaborative environment.
  • Demonstrate a passion for raising the profile of Africa in science and / or social science
  • Maintain an active profile in the online community, including at work / research and / or social media
  • Clearly communicate to your audience in English or French

Selection criteria

The selection process takes into account the following criteria:

  • (20%) Advanced research or professional qualifications, personal projects, proven entrepreneurial achievements and similar – no doctorate required
    • Outstanding academic qualifications measured by standards in specific disciplines. Examples of notable achievements include:
      • Publication records
      • Awards such as particularly prominent societies or memberships and other awards (e.g. senior level committees, institutions, academies, etc.)
      • Independent financing from external sources during the competition
      • Patent number
      • Type and number of conversations invited at international conferences
  • (20%) African passion for science promotion, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics or social science
  • (20%) Excellent writing, keen critical thinking skills, the ability to work comfortably in a collaborative environment and to communicate clearly to the audience in English or French
  • (30%): Active participation in one of the social media channels or a reputable organization of the community. This criterion has many potential customers and requires continued engagement with followers.
  • (10%) Other Features


Click here to apply in English or French

For more information visit: NEF metabolism.



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