New teen drug trend called ‘Robo Tripping’ prompts serious warning from Fort Bend County deputies

Port Bend County attorneys are seriously warning their families about the new teenage drug trend called & # 39; Robo Tripping & # 39 ;.

According to Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls, this new trend includes a product called & # 39; Robo Cough & # 39; which is sold as a powerful cough suppressant. Teenagers are now consuming to consume a lot of their products, a spokesman says.

"I'd like to talk about the trends you are seeing in Port Bend County. It's called Robo Cough. It's a legitimate substance, but it's very dangerous for a family in Port Bend County. I personally have two families," Nehls said.

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Fort Bend County youth spoke anonymously about his terrible experience after using a new over-the-counter cough suppressant called Robo Cough in this video.

"We didn't expect to actually be hospitalized." The teenager took Robo Cough with another teenager, and later it turned out that his parents did not respond. They ran to the hospital and were treated.

The active ingredient of Robo Couth is indicated by the concentrated dose of DexM (Dextromethorpham HBr), which is also the active ingredient of most over-the-counter cough suppressants. Cough suppressants can be purchased through Amazon. It is a potentially dangerous product currently being manufactured in Katy, Texas.

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The sheriff said the drug is legal, but the authorities are warning parents about the serious risk of "taking the wrong drug".


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