New batting coach Rathour backs Iyer, Pandey for No. 4 in ODIs

The World Cup came and went and the Caribbean tour was over, but India's four-time debate on ODI wasn't over yet. When Vikram Rathour was taken over as India's new batting coach later this month, the responsibility to clean up the ideal Batman was now on the shoulders of Vikram Rathour.

Rathour spoke for the first time since his appointment and supported Manish Pandey and Shreyas Iyer as the middle order point, saying, "The ability to work."

"It's not about the World Cup, it's a slot. [we must look at]"" Rathour said "The middle order of the day doesn't go very well and you have to sort, of course. Shreyas Iyer has done well in the last few games and there's also Manish Pandey. These two have done very well in the country. Cricket and India A. There are no batters in my mind, and I think there is no doubt, it's important to get it right at the top.

Pandey was in the squad, but did not get the game from the Indian ODI series, which was recently signed by the West Indies. After the first match, Rishabh Pant scored 20 and 0 points in fourth place. It was Iyer who took fifth place in both completed matches. It was the only Indian batter who was different from Virat Kohli. Crossed 50 points twice, finishing the series with an average of 68 points and a strike rate of 124.77 points. This is the highest score for anyone who scored 40 or more.

His second half-century struck out 255 goals with 35 overheads, leading India to third place with 92, followed by 33 balls with 41 balls and 65, and after Collie's victory, Ayer “understood the value of performing in these situations. ”He said.

Pandey and Iyer became the captains of India. The 1-day flight with South Africa A. Pandey finished 4th and 5th in the first three matches, 39, 13 in 14, 14 (21-over match) and 81. 59 (30 over) off 26 off 23 (25 over) and 36 off 19 (20 over) before Iyer took place in terms of the last two games.

Another concern for sink tanks in India is the opening combination of tests. KL Rahul's series counted 101 in comparison to Mayank Agarwal's 80, but he's Rahul's place under a long term that couldn't take advantage of his start.

"We have a choice and a healthy competition. We need to find a more consistent way," Rathour said.

Another option in India is Prithvi Shaw, which is suspended until November 15 due to drug violations. Hanuma Bihari was also impressed as a temporary opener when he opened in Australia last year, but India recently hit sixth, according to a recent score from the West Indies.

When India adheres to these names or tries out other Batman on the domestic circuit, it will be determined by the role that Lat War has played in the past. Rathour retired as a player in 2003 and returned as a Punjabi coach for six years, then moved to England for six years as a person selected in September 2012. coach. He then completed BCCI and C's Level A and B coaching qualifications at BCrick and BCrick before being bound by XI Punjab Kings at the IPL, and is currently replacing Sanjay Bangar with a batting coach in India.

"Management is key at this level," says Rathour. "How to support this and how to care for them in difficult times is my strength." "The three courses have gained an edge in understanding technology and technical aspects. I'm a senior coach at Punjab and Himachal, director of Cricket at Himachal and know what players expect.

"I want to create an environment where players don't be afraid of mistakes and don't ignore them because they learn opportunities. Sometimes they can fail, but they have to learn from failure and get better."


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